Hi Girls! How are you doing today? It’s getting sooo much colder over here, and it’s not funny anymore. This morning, when I cycled to school, it was way too cold, and I was only wearing a thin raincoat. Luckily I had my scarf, I practically live in my scarf, and when I left it at my friends house I missed it a lot. So instead of crying (ha-ha), I decided to buy another scarf, can’t help it ;) Since it is so cold, and I only bought thin jackets I have to buy a real winter coat. Can’t wait for pay-day (which is in three days, yaay!), so this weekend I’ll look for a special and cute coat!

So about this outfit, I’m wearing my fluffy cropped sweater again (and again, and again... It’s fluffy, cute and so warm as I told you before, so don’t judge me) with my new velvet high waisted jeans. I have never seen anything like that before, only leggings, but not any velvet jeans. They are so soft (feels like you are wearing pyjama pants) and give me this perfect Christmas feeling! Together with my vagabonds (my new love, they are so perfect, and they are not that high), my ruffle socks and my new lipstick, I find this a perfect winter outfit, or christmas outfit whatever you want to call it. The lipstick is my new budget tip for the dutchies, it is from Hema (called number 14) and only 3 euro’s. Great if you want to try out a darker color, but you don’t want to pay that much.

| Fluffy Sweater American Apparel | Highwaisted jeans American Apparel |
| Socks F21 | Shoes Vagabonds |

What do you think of this outfit? And what do you wear if you want to have ‘that christmassy feeling’?


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  1. Dat kettinkje staat er mooi bij!<3
    X Emma

  2. Lovely outfit dear, I love your pants!


  3. cute outfit! love the jeans!


  4. you look so pretty I love this burgundy pants with the dark lips so beautifull!

  5. Hello from Spain: fabulous photos. Great pants. Keep in touch

  6. Looks lovely and so, so, festive!
    American Apparel has such nice clothes for the holidays.



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