Bath Set Give Away || WIN (CLOSED)

Hellow! Whether you will spend your holiday with friends, family or on your own, everyone wants to feel fresh and nice. I went shopping for you all and got this nice package of my favorite bath essentials including a hamam towel, bath ball, shower foam, a shower oil which contains argan oil and a white wooden basket for all your bath essentials. The winner takes it all! 

How to win this awesome bath package?

- Follow my blog on Bloglovin' OR YouTube
- Leave a comment below and tell me your e-mail address. 

So you want to earn some extra entries? This is how:

- Follow my blog on Bloglovin' AND YouTube (+1)
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- Tweet something positive about this give away mentioning @BlogFashionAnna, the link to this blog article and #FashionAnnaGiveAway (+2)
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- Post the picture below on Instagram using the hashtag #FashionAnnaGiveAway (+2)

If you have any extra entries please tell me how many you have and what you did to earn them.

Good luck everyone and happy holidays! x Anna

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  1. I really like the prizes! Great idea!
    YouTube: Alesia Flegka

    My extra entries:
    Bloglovin' : Greeklulu
    Facebook : Olesia Flegka

  2. Wat leuk zeg! Ik volg je via bloglovin, FB en bloglovin.

  3. follow you on bloglovin - madzia
    email -

    extra entries :
    YouTube - Magdalena Jezierska
    - Like this blog on Facebook - Magda Jezierska
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    - Follow your blog on Instagram - madziami93

  4. Erg schattig pakketje! Ik doe mee, ik volg je op bloglovin!

  5. This looks fantastic.
    I like the prizes :)

  6. bloglovin va
    tumblemumbo at

    twitter -@va_va33
    fb- ana amanti
    utube- moominu mi and bloglovin va

  8. Happy new year ;-)

    yt marilena kat

    fb Marilena Kat
    Follow your blog on Instagram marilenakat
    i Post the picture below on Instagram using the hashtag #FashionAnnaGiveAway

  9. Bloglovin follower: Divya Asha
    Tweet link:
    Facebook share link:

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