The Sting Party || OUTFIT

As you could already see in my past vlog, I bought an amazing party outfit at The Sting in Arnhem. They now have an adorable party collection and you should definitely check it out! I really love the outfit I picked as well! First I fitted several dresses, but I wanted something a little bit different. This is why I chose for an adorable glittery skirt, bralette and leggins. To finish it of I went for a taupe colored scarf. It looks really chic and is perfect for the cold winter snow! Also I got myself this adorable 'party time' hair accessory to finish everything off. Hit the read more button to see more outfit photos! 

Did you know it was actually really cold during this photo shoot? Luckily I had this warm scarf hehe!

Bralette: The Sting
Skirt: The Sting
Leggings: The Sting
Scarf: The Sting
Hair Accessory: The Sting
Heels: ASOS

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