X-Mas Wishlist

I know, with experience, that it can be really hard to choose Christmas presents sometimes. But I’ve been getting some inspiration lately, so I’m going to put my favorites in this article for you. Some of them I actually really asked and some I already have or also want to have. All the prices are between 0 – 220 euros. They’re all kind off Christmas related, but don’t forget that if you always wanted that one pair of sunglasses, you can also ask that for Christmas. There are no limits besides the money, right? Okay, let’s look at my favorites.

1.       CHI straightener

I guess almost everyone knows about the CHI straighteners, right? They are really useful and they save you a lot of time straightening your hair. They come in really cute editions like this one. You can find him (and the rest) right here:  Link
2.       Frends Headphones

I came along these bad boys a lot the past year and I LOVE them. At first I didn’t know what they’re called, but I found out some months ago and they’re on my wish list since then.  You can find these in all kind of types. They’re really easy combining and very stylish. BUT, they have a price cart. You can find him (And the other ones) here: Link
3.       Books (TIP: Harry Potter)

Okay, If you haven’t heard of Harry Potter you were really living underneath a rock. That’s not a bad thing, because right now you have the chance to read the books and watch the movies! I’ve never heard a bad thing about the books and when I hear bad things from people about the movies, I ask if they ever read one of the books; the answer is always NO. So just read them. But if you’ve already read the book or own them, you can ask other books for Christmas. Or an e-reader. You can find this Harry Potter series here: Link

 4.       Watches

Watches are since last year one of my the must-have accessories in my opinion. I love them and they give that special touch to every outfit you wear. They really are in all kind of forms and you need to find yours. You can buy this one here: Link

5.       Lush and other beauty related stuff

This is always a good choice. Lush doesn’t need to be explained. You don’t have to choose Lush, but it’s my personal tip. The secret Santa box: Link

6.       Perfume

“A woman's perfume tells more about her than her handwriting. ”
― Christian Dior
You need to find your scent and then just wear it. It’s your signature.  Daisy dream: Link

7.       Adidas Superstar (or just any shoes)

I actually asked this one for my birthday, but Christmas is also a perfect opportunity. Adidas Superstars are really back, at the moment. But in this case, same with all the other presents you have a lot of differences and you can ask whichever pair you want. Superstars: Link.

Do you also have some tips? Feel free to share them!

- Britt

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Die parfum staat ook op mijn wishlist!<3

  2. I really like your choice of presents, hopefully santa will be nice to you this year!
    I already got my christmas/birthday present, a macbook so these ideas come in handy for presents for my friends and family.
    Happy (almost) holidays


  3. De parfum staat ook op mijn wishlist! Alleen de verpakking is al geweldig <3

  4. de parfum en de stijltang van CHI wil ik ook nog erg graag! liefs


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