How to get the ultimate cozy christmas feeling

Helloww! It's really getting cold outside, winter is on it's way! Whether you are looking forward to the cold winter days or not, everybody probably looks forward to Christmas and all those other fun events! Unfortunately Christmas is just there a couple of days and I guess everyone wants to get that feeling even before it really is Christmas. Today I hope to give you some tips on how to get the Christmas feeling going on from the inside! Also click read more for some nice inspirations which will give you that feeling by just seeing these photos! 

First, to feel cozy, you must act cozy! Put on your warmest sweater and you will definitely feel as if you are walking around with a blanket all the time!

Food is always the answer. Bake some Christmas cookies with your friends or go for some hot chocolate!

Of course we can not forget the real feeling of Christmas: giving. Buy your dearest family and friends a nice present and you will not only make them, but also yourself happy! Nothing makes me feel more happy than seeing my family and friends being happy. Also you can donate some food or money to charity.


Time to decorate your room! Let me know if I should do a winter/Christmas room decorations video!

Burn those candles! Get your best scenting candles out of the garage and give them a nice place in your room. The light, in combination with the scent, will make you feel cozy and winter-ish!

Go and get yourself a nice party outfit! Get prepared, go shopping with a friend. It really works if you can look forward to your great  new years eve or Christmas outfit!

Also it would be so nice to go to any big city and celebrate Christmas there! They always have tons of lights and the cities will look so cozy! Go to a Christmas market or just some big mall, whatever makes you and your friends happy! 


*Source of all photos: WeHeartIt

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