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Hey! Some of you said you wanted me to write more about trends, so that's what I'm doing. Make sure to fill in the one question questionnaire on the right top corner of my blog. Your vote counts! Today I will be showing you some of my favorite catwalk trends which are already converted or converting to daily life. Click read more to see the trends!

I'm gonna take my grandpa's style. No for real. I'm going to the thrift shop! I love putting on crazy coats and that's exactly what the designers show us! Take an amazing coat and your whole outfit looks fashionable! 

I'm so happy to announce you that the London style is returning. I couldn't be more happy! I love London and her style so much. Go for checkered blouses, a crazy updo (in your hair) or big leather boots. Go all crazy inspired by the streets of London!

This winter it's all about the statement skirts. When you ask me, it's amazing news! I love skirts because they make almost every outfit look girly and stylish. I love the vintage looking skirts just as much as the leather and modern skirts. Go for something which suits your style as well!

Fluffiness factor 10. Go fluffy! Go for strange materials! You can already see Cara Delavinge wearing it, so where are you waiting for? It looks amazing, right? I also really love the very high boots. They look stunning if you ask me. 

I hope you liked this post and don't forget to leave your vote in the right top corner of my blog! Thanks! X Anna

*All pictures are from Vogue.co.uk

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  1. Mooie inspiratie! Ik vind eigenlijk alle trends die je noemt wel wat hebben! :)

  2. that ball-bag is simply amazing :O


  3. Mij valt op dat het overal een beetje oversized is, het zijn leuke trends! Ik vind de laatste het leukste, ik moet nog een leuk fluffy item vinden :)

  4. Beautiful inspirational images of fashion.

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  6. cool pics

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  7. Leuke selectie van trends :-) Zelf vind ik de tartan trend erg tof.

  8. I guess I could find myself in every trend <3


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  10. Beautiful photos,I'm following you!
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  11. Chang wait for fall! Especially after posts like this! =}


  12. mooie foto's! ik vind de London style ook leuk ;)

  13. i love your blog! would you like to follow each other?
    following you now :)

  14. lovely post!
    great inspirations!
    following, kisses x


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