The Coolcat Fashion Party!

A few weeks ago you could join my give away. You had the opportunity to win 2 VIP tickets for the Coolcat Fashion Party in the Hollywood Music Hall in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. There was a special dance and fashion show with dancers from So You Think You Can Dance (a dutch TV program) and amazing DJ's like the Party Squad and Mr. Polska. Two readers of my blog had the chance to go to this amazing event with a friend. Today, I would like to share their thoughts with you!

The first two girls to go to this event were Marloes and Marinda. They are both true music and fashion lovers. The fashion/dance show started quite late so they went home after the show. They told me it was very crowded so they couldn't see everything. Apart from that, 'The show was organized really well. They danced and there were nice effects on the background, that's what made the show!' Marloes and Marinda had a nice cocktail and also made this video (even though they are talking dutch, it gives a nice impression on the evening so I would definitely watch it!).

The second winner of the give away was Rowan and she went to the party with her friend Janita. She already knows her since she was 4 years old, so sweet! She told me there was a party mood as soon as she entered the building. You could take a photo with a colorful background and all kind of funny attributes. The theme of the party was 'realease the beast', you could see that clearly from the photo. She was very happy that she took the picture because the day after she had won 100 euros shopping money! So much and so awesome! After the picture they went to the VIP deck where she had a nice view on the dancing crowd and fashion show.

Janita and Rowan with their winning 'release the beast' photo. I like it!

Rowan liked the fashion show mixed with a dance show the most. It started with the song 'Happy' from Pharell. As soon as it started it was totally awesome. Every part had another song, choreo and clothes. The greatest moment according to Rowan? When a man came down from the ceiling (unexpected) and there was a lot of confetti. She didn't find any bad points: 'everything was arranged very well. As a VIP we got 3 drinks and you could go to the toilet for free and they took in your coat for free. Very nice.'

She would love to go again next year. Even though not every act after the fashion show was her music style, she would depend buying a ticket to the line-up. She thought the dancers from So You Think You Can Dance (dutch TV program) were very nice. 'I only recognized Shakira and Chantal and they were awesome! I also respect the young dancers so much, they were amazing!'

'I think the style of the show really suited the image of Coolcat. Not all the clothes were my style, but the show was so nice that I would actually want some of the clothes now. It was my first fashion show and it was an amazing experience! Over all I give the evening an 8 (out of 10) because the combination of fashion and dance was so nice!'

After all these nice stories, I really wished I was there. Maybe I will be going next year. I love fashion, dance and music! I hope this post can still make you feel like you were there yourself. If you didn't win the give away, don't be sad! I'm already organizing a new one so stay tuned ;) Love, Anna

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  3. wowo that looks so much fun, amazing! :) x

  4. looks they have alot of fun (:

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  8. Ik had ook graag gewild dat ik er bij was, het leek me wel heel gaaf!

  9. Dat ziet er gaaf uit!

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  10. That is so nice of you and i am so thrilled for them they had a blast.

  11. Het was heel leuk!! Ik was Vip want had kaarten van Teske :D

  12. So cool!!!

  13. Hej Anna<3 Thank you very much for your comments :-) I really like you and like your blog & photos :*


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