Layer Your Outfit Fall Edition

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to explain how you can create layers very easily. The trick is to give the outfit a complicated twist, but it also has to be comfortable. I suppose everyone has a dress and jackets, so here we go! 

The first layer that we are going to create is with a dress. I took one of my most worn dresses, because, when you choose one of them the layer technique is only going to be more fun. You should transform the dress with layers in a way that no one sees it is that dress (So you can wear it more often). 

Okay, I guess the most of you know this trick, but for the ones who don’t I’m going to show it to you. You pick a skirt, in my case a skater skirt, and you wear it on top of your dress, like this:

What a big difference a skirt can make right? Now the dress looks like a t-shirt. It is that easy. But you can make it even more complicated by pulling over a jacket. And the outfit is still comfortable.

Okay, that was the first layer technique. The second technique I’m going to show you today is to layer with two jackets. We start with one:

This still looks a little boring, so we’re going to add a belt. A belt will spice up your outfit at all times, I assure you. We’re also creating a waist with this step.

The belt was just a little layer and it did make it better. But as for the layers, we’re not done yet. We are going to add another jacket on top of this. And the result is very complicated, BUT comfortable!

This is the final look. I use these tricks the most and I thinks they’re really fun. I hope you’ve learned something out of this and I see you next time!


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