Last minute Halloween Outfit Inspiration

Did you just decide to go to a Halloween party, but haven't you got a clue what to wear? Don't worry! In this little last-minute Halloween outfit guide I will show you some of my best cheap, easy and quick Halloween outfits. Let's just get started! 

Of course you can also decide to go for a 'high-end' makeup look and keep your outfit basic or all black. Search YouTube and find one of the thousands of scary makeup tutorials, recreate the look, put on a black pair of leggins, your black heels and body-hugging top. Put your hair in a very tight high  and you are ready to rock your look!

Going with a group? Dress up as a group! It is probably the most easy thing and it's so much fun! Dress up as mean girls by all rocking your pink clothes and just a little bit too much makeup on. Other great group costumes would probably be Pretty Little Liars or even, if you are with boy-friends the Harry Potter gang. 

A really interesting and quite easy theme would be outer space. Wear some metallic looking clothes like this skirt and top, shimmer eyeshadow and false lashes. Combine your outfit with some platform shoes and you are all ready to go! It is really easy and will look so stylish! 

Of course you can also decide to support your favorite sport club. It also makes a nice Halloween outfit; it's comfortable and looks really cool! You can even decide to take a basketball, football or any other kind of sport accessory with you. 

Do you need any more inspiration? This is how some celebrities went in he past years. I personally love the idea of Karl Lagerfeld and Cruella, but also Cleopatra and a fish men or Britney Spears seem attractive. There are always so many nice things to choose from. I also really like Disney characters, but they usually cost more time to recreate since they are not real human beings.  

Hopefully these ideas were useful. How are you dressed this Halloween?


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