How to style Dr. Martens?

Winter is coming up which means we have another excuse to buy ourselves a new pair of shoes. There might be some, a few or many of you who own a pair of Dr. Martens. I've also been looking for a pair but I did never order any, probably because there is just too much choice. Today I will show you some different outfits with different kinds of Dr. Martens. They all are in a different style and I really think they are awesome! Let's get started!

So the first pair (the photo on top of this post) are their low black ones. I personally really like them, especially when they are in the shiny black leather. I think they will look so cute with some over the knee socks and a skirt. Just throw over any sweater and you will immediately look awesome! In this set I decided to create a schoolgirl look by adding some nerdy glasses. Are they ever going out of style? Mm.. I don't think so!

This second outfit is totally cute. Roll the down part of your pants so they will end just above your Dr. Martens. I think the materials of these items go perfectly together and the owl makes sure the outfit is cool for the regular days. Throw over a blouse for a chic work look.  

Going for a more casual look? This is perfect for you! I totally am in love with this style and you will look like a rocker-chick wearing these red pants and awesome green jacket on top of it! I also added the headphones as a nice accessory. Perfect for train-traveling or if you have to travel for a long time. Tell us in the comments about your favorite music!

White converse are so adorable in my opinion! I love how sweet they can look, but you can also style them really cool or casual or chic. They are very versatile and they are one of my favorite colors! In this post I decided to show you how I would style them for that tough look! I picked some ripped up jeans with a floral shirt to make it cool but still make it look a little bit feminine. What do you think of this outfit? 

So, this outfit is totally different from my normal style. It looks chic, girly but also a little bit disco-like because of the shoes. I love these different kind of shoes because there are so many original ways to style them. Personally I don't know if I would wear this, but with different kind of shoes I would for sure! I love the color combinations and mix of textiles!

Which of these outfits would you wear? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. Great post ;**

  2. Lovely! Dr. Martens are really cool. xo Romy

  3. Love the first one, have a great wweekend!

  4. Wat een leuke outfits. Ik vind die tartan rok erg leuk!

  5. Wat een leuke combinaties! Dr. Martens zijn geweldig (:

  6. Ah ze zijn zo cool! Ik vind de eerste look tof :)

  7. Leuke outfits! Vind het mobielhoesje van de bovenste outfit ook heel leuk

  8. Wauw, je hebt echt super leuke looks gemaakt! Ik zou voor de play it casual look gaan hihi. X Eline


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