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Hello beautiful girls! Since it's getting warmer (finally!) you will want to change your hot boots for a new pair of spring/summer shoes. We girls need a fashionable pair of heels as well as a pair of comfy sneakers and slippers for la beach :). I can not stop thinking about the beach! When I am finished with my end exams (yes, they start in about a month :$) I have all the time to go there. First, I need to focus on school (and blogging of course) and pass my exams. I hope you are going to like this post and feel free to click the read more button to see some shoespirations and ideas. Loveyou!

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OMG you guys. I love the slippers above SOOOO much! I found them on different webshops and you can best check them out yourself. As you can see there are three horizontal rows. The nummers are in that order. Row one starts with number 1, row 2 with number 5 and row three starts with number eight. I like the different styles and to have slippers with studs or a little bit of (neon) color, pink for example.

For a pair of comfy and nice sneakers you will want to go for the great (I want one!) New Balance (blue, pink, red) shoes or converse all stars (black, white, light yellow). I think I will buy myself a pair of New Balance sneakers, which color do you like the most of the new balance sneakers and are you rocking this summer in converse or New Balance? Let me know!

It doesn't matter if you are going out or to the beach, you need a pair of fashionable heels which you can get out of your closet any time. Because it's warm in summer you'd best choose an open pair. I love them so much more than closed heels but that's just my opinion. These are my favorites from Zara. Which pair is your favorite?

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  1. Oh I love the Zara shoes!! And chucks are an always shoe :)

    Love your blog :)




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  3. I need to get some sandals


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  6. deeply in love with the boots! i have followed you btw :)


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