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Recently I discovered a new web shop which sells very cheap clothing. Even though I think some of the models on their site are too thin and skinny, I love the shop. The clothes they are selling look like the ones of Clothingloves and some like the ones of Edressy. They sell mostly Chinese wholesale clothing. Besides normal clothing they also sell jewelry, affordable prom dresses and cocktail dresses. I do not like everything on their shop but after a good look I found some really nice things!

These are a couple of my favorites from their shop. This lace blouse would be so adorable to wear on hot spring days and you will draw all attention to your legs with this pair of skinny jeans! I really like the black and white print on this cute top (with collar). I also think the blouse with the birds (it's in mint and off-white) is really cute for spring and look at the cute little golden dots and crosses on this white blouse! It's amazing! And have you already seen the white shirt with the black baroque print on it? It's so cool! I think this would look stunning with a pair of leggings and show-off heels. To finish I put a pair of really cute and fashionable shorts in this set. I love the golden crosses sooo much!

Next to prom dresses they also sell really cool evening dresses and summer dresses online. It's worth checking it out! What is your favorite item of EFoxCity? Put a link below so I can check it out!

Love, Anna

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  1. lovely pieces :)


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  3. I love that dresses! XOXO

  4. I love these sites! They have great stuff and are so reasonable. Thanks for visiting my blog. If you like, maybe we could follow each other??

  5. I love the first two dress!



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  6. Lovely post ;)

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  7. Love everything in the shirt and trousers section....

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  10. I loved when I find something nice as well, and thanks for the suggestion - I loved the ring and the blue dress at first, then the lace shirt is very nice and the shoes that the model is wearing - I hope they sell those too!

  11. Ik kende die winkel nog niet. Ga eens even kijken. Goedkoop shoppen is altijd leuk ;).

    Ps. op mijn blog kun je een Groupon cadeaubon winnen. Doe je al mee?

  12. Hi doll, thanks for your comment, I wasl aready following you xx

  13. Ik vind de ketting uit de eerste collage zo mooi! Die wil ik sowieso :) Leuke blog heb je! X


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