Mrs Carter Tour || OUTFIT

Hello everyone! Today I would love to share the outfit I wore to the Beyoncé concert last sunday. The concert was so amazing! I like everything about Beyoncé, she is a great performer as well as a great singer and dancer. She is just the best when it comes down to live singing! A lot of big stars are not as good life as they are on cd, but Beyoncé is. I had a really good time with my friend and I love the set-up of the Mrs Carter Tour so much! At one point she was even 'flying' to the other stage. At the entrance there were some fans who slept in the row so they could be the first one to enter. Luckily we had sitting places so that was not applicable to our situation. We were standing and dancing all concert long. So, that was it about the concert. Click read more to see my lovable (new) outfit with my new Converse All Stars!

This is my new pair of All Stars, what do you think? Do you have all stars yourself as well and in which color? I wanna know :)

Thanks to my sister who was so kind to take these pictures of me. Thank you for reading as well! Please leave a comment and tell me what you think of this outfit!

Vest & Top: Superstar, Jeans: Replay, Shoes: Converse, Glasses: Vogue

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  1. wonderful outfit darling :)
    visit me :

  2. nice jacket & new shoes (:

    Love, Liese

  3. nice pics

  4. Nice outfit :)

    Kimberley x

  5. what a lovely photos <3 I love them!! :)
    You look so adorable here <3

  6. Super leuke outfit! Ik vind die blazer echt heel tof!

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  8. Beyonce was super gaaf he! Ik was zondag ook geweest. Wilde het echt voor geen goud missen. Ik heb een heel post eraan besteedt, check it out :)



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