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I'm very busy with school stuff at the moment so I can't be busy with my blog too. But here is a review on a scrub from sabon. This is the lavender apple one.

What is it exactly?
It's a body scrub with large scrub grains. It smells very nice and gives you a soft skin.

Where to buy?
You can choose between a big and a small jar. I bought the bigger one because it's twice as big and it deffers only a couple of euros.
Small: €19,95
Big: €26,95

How to use?
You take a little bit of scrub. A little bit is enough (you can use 1 scrub for a very long time!).
You can now scrub you whole body except for your face. When you finished scrubbing you can wash it of with hot water. You can only use this scrub once a week. If you use it too often your protection layer on your skin disappears!

When you are finished you feel directly a very soft skin. Eventhough it didn't cost a lot of time your whole body smells delicious. You can also chose a different smell than I did. If you don't take a shower for 3 days you will still smell it!
When I walked into the room my mother said: which delicious deo did you use? I told her it was the scrub and she said: Oh, nice! The next day she asked me if it was still the scrub and I told her it was. Now she wants to use it too!

Other odors
Fig coco, delicate jasmine, lemon mint, musk, rose tea, PLV, sweet summer, tropic and vanilla coconut.

My opinion
I think this scrub is delicious. It is easy to use, smells good and your skin feels very soft when you are finished.

To buy or not to buy?
I would definitely buy it again!

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