Fashion inspiration and candy

I like those heels!

Almost a month ago, I made a compromis with my mother. On old years eve we were driving in a car to our family. My mother asked me about my good intentions for the upcomming year. I told her I planned to eat healthier. Less candy and chocolate. I said I was going to do the whole year without candy. She said: you will never make that. I asked her: what if I make it? She promised me a thousand euros if I would make it. She knew I wasn't going to make it. When I tried it another time I failed already after 2 days :O I still haven't eaten any candy yet and it's the 24th of january! I'm soo proud of myself! Now I really have to accomplish! I would be soo happy :-) So I can't eat these things for a whole year.. :()

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  1. Leuke blog!!
    Ik volg je nu (: xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. het ziet er allemaal zo lekker uit en dan mag je het niet opeten!!! Echt super knap van joe :) en btw, we gaan dat natuurlijk allemaal weer inhalen volgend jaar :D


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