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At the moment I'm listening to radio 538. It's a dutch radio which has very nice music. There is also going to be a new schoolawards election. Did you already sign up your school for it? I did and I hope we are going to win. You might think: why do you want to win? Well, because if your school wins, you get a very nice school party. If you are in the top 5 you get a party too but also with the other competing schools. One time our school was already in the top 5 and the party was great! Another school in our neighbourhood ones won the 538-schoolawards. You can vote for your favourite high school on this site: http://www.538schoolawards.nl/splash/index.php Unfortunately it's only for the dutch schools: i'm sorry for the others, next time it's your turn!

This morning I woke up and put the light on. I thought: omg, this light is way too bright! .. But I didn't want to sleep any longer because otherways my whole day is gone by sleeping. I think that's unfortunate. Your day could be 3 hours shorter if you would start sleeping again. So I was going to read in my book. And I finished it. It's a very nice book. It's called: chatroom and written by Helen Vreeswijk. You must try it! It's about an investigation from the police. Two BFF's want to sign in for a model-bureau. They find it via a chatroom on the internet. But than it turns out to be (and they don't notice) a child pornographer. An illigal one. They are forced to do things they don't want to do. In the end they are dumped in a bus station. Two old people find them and the investigation from the police start. Will they manage to arrest the criminal before he flees to another part of the world?

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