What do your breakouts tell you?

We all got to deal with breakouts in our life. One person has a clear skin with only one tiny little blemish and the other person has an acne skin. But what are the causes of those little monsters and how do you deal with them? Let's find out!

6 zones

When we are taking a closer look at breakouts, we will want to divide our faces into 6 different parts. Decide in which parts your breakouts are. Then, go to the number to find out the cause.


1 Forehead. When you haven't had enough sleep or a lot of stress you might get your breakouts in this place. When this is the case it's obvious that you need to get yourself some more sleep and calm down.

2 Above your eye-brows. This zone shows your immune system. Before, after or during a cold or flue your breakouts will be on these spots. Make sure that you eat enough vitamins (especially C which is in brussels sprouts, kiwi, orange and broccoli) cause this will help you to get better soon or to prevent yourself from getting sick/a cold.

3 Between your eye-brows. These breakouts are caused by overindulgence. Try cutting back on sugar, fatty food and alcohol.

4 On your cheeks. Your cheeks represent your lungs. Try to stay away from smoking or polluted air.

5 On the sides of your chin. These spots are for your hormones. The breakouts occur here around your period. They appear more on one side depending on the ovary which is  ovulating that month. 

Now, I would like to give you a few general tips on preventing your skin from a lot of breakouts. First of all, it's very important to drink enough water. Drinking water helps your body to transport waste inside your body. Your pores will be less likely to get constipated.

Secondly, this is a hard one for me, stay away from your face with your hands! Never touch your face. Touching your face with all those bacterias which are on your hands (for sure) causes a lot of breakouts. 

When you do get breakouts, it's important to not to squeeze them. When you do so, it will last much longer before your breakouts are gone. Instead, go to your local pharmacy and ask for a creme with benzoyl peroxide in it. I own a creme and it's like magic. Your breakouts are gone in 2 to 4 days. This kind of creme is also used very often as an acne treatment.

Thank you for reading this post and I hope you thought it was helpful. What is your best tip against breakouts?

P.s. There will be a huge give away on my blog very very soon so stay tuned! :)

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  3. This was interesting, apparently I need to stay away from so much alcohol! :)


  4. This was a super informative post. Thank you so so much! I am so bad with touching my face...ugh, need to stop that!

  5. Oh wow... I love this post! I was just breaking out recently before my period and I had them exactly where shown! LOL! NIce to know now! Have a great weekend! xx Pip

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  6. It's such an issue for me when I see acne breakouts! I freak out! LOL.
    Glad to have remedies around! :)
    Can't wait for the giveaway Anna dear :)

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  7. Time to get more sleep then, thanks for a super useful post!

  8. I love this post! it's so funny & helpful <3

  9. Thanks for the tips! I am very bad with touching my face!

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