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I just discovered an amazing web shop where they do some really good deals on for example the CHI hair straighteners. I have heard of those hair straighteners very often and almost every beauty blog highly recommends those. Unfortunately they are very expensive. That's why I was so happy to find this shop where they do an amazing deal. This hair straightener for example (see picture), the price is amazing, right?!

I have made a list of my top 10 products on sale from I hope you like it!

I love to use good makeup brushes, but they are always so expensive! Pupa Milano is a great brand who has some amazing brushes. This brush is on sale so you will do good for your makeup as well as your wallet :)

This beautiful lipstick (from Pupa Milano as well) is on sale as well. I love this bright pink color for summer and I love the fact that this one has a little bit of a coral undertone. I think this lipstick will be perfect for a nice day out! 

OMG, I must say honestly that this one is not on sale. But it's most certainly one of my favorite perfumes EVER. Chanel has some gorgeous perfumes which stay on all day and I love how every perfume of Chanel smells. It's a little bit more money, but I think it's worth the investment.

This hairdryer seems so perfect to me! It barely makes any noise. When you buy it right now, you will get a lot of sale and a free diffuser with it! With a diffuser you can easily blow in some curls which is so handy. I definitely believe they do a really good deal at John Beerens with this hair dryer.

I love this eyeshadow palette. I love Pupa Milano anyway (did you know Addy Van Den Krommenacker has uses this makeup in his fashion shows?), but this palette will be so perfect. Especially right now because the nude colors are trending. I think this palette contains some very beautiful colors and I want it so bad! Right now it's the time to buy it because it's on sale!

This brand probably sounds a little bit unrecognizable for you, but in a lot of countries this starts being a best-selling product. This Skeyndor cream helps to keep the moisture level of your skin in balance. It's very good for the dry as oily skins. Besides the sale, you will also save money with this product because it's a day and night cream. So, you don't need to buy two different ones!

These colors from the party rock collection of The New Black are too beautiful to be true. They are perfect for special occasions and I just had to put these into my list of amazing products :) It will look like you have put a lot of effort on your nails but actually you just applied one coat (yes, that's enough) and you are done! Simple, but effortless chic.

This mask promises to clean your face very deeply and to unclog your pores. This will be very handy when you are having an acne skin or a lot of breakouts. The other thing, this product has a huge sale of 75% That's 3/4 of the whole price! It's amazing!

VAMP KIT                          
Now I have to be very honest with you guys. When I was visiting the fashion show of Addy van den Krommenacker, I got a little sample of this mascara of Pupa Milano. I fell totally in love with with this mascara which is called Vamp!. This little kit is on sale so if you are searching for a good looking mascara, this is where you can be!

When you place an order over €30 on JohnBeerens webshop you will get free shipping. You can also visit their blog for some beauty news and you can always mail them for some beauty tips. They are so kind and do a great service! I like!

I hope you thought this post was interesting and please tell me which of those products is your favorite! Bye!


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  1. Great post! Sounds like a lot of good deals. x


  2. waa! thanks for sharing dear <3

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  3. I follow you on Bloglovin,now waiting for you :)

  4. Ik had er al wat meer over gehoord :) zelf heb ik geen spullen van bijvoorbeeld chi, mijn stijltang van princess doet het ook prima naar mijn idee. Als reactie op jouw reactie op mijn blog haha: ik wil best html en css tutorials doen, maar het is best wel moeilijk om dat soort dingen uit te leggen dus ik kan niks beloven, maar ik ga zeker mijn best doen voor je :)!

  5. Hola guapa!!
    Interesante post, me gusta todooooo ;)

  6. Great products. I would love to try this lipstick!

  7. ty for your sweet comment *-*
    i like your blog :))

  8. HEt oogschaduw palette ziet er heel mooi uit zeg!

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  9. ohlala very lovely products!!!


  10. Love the pupa lipstick!

  11. Such fantastic picks, love the lipstick and neutral eye palette! Thanks for your style insight on my last post!

  12. Ik ken de webshop niet, maar ze hebben leuke spulletjes! Vooral de lipstick :)

  13. ah I love Chi! I bought the small travel size cause it was a lot cheaper haha ;)

  14. Ik heb er ook al van gehoord! Als ik me ooit aan een Chi-tang waag komt ie zeker van daar :)


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