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This summer I have spent my holiday time (one week) in France. We slept in a hotel which was only a couple of streets away from the sea. This picture was taken the first day of our holiday. With a nice view on the beach, sun, sailboats and chic shops like Prada, Miu Miu, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Chanel my view was complete, Click read more for some fabulous holiday pictures, my outfit, delicious food and some street style. 

So, I went to Cannes. It's a lovely area. We only had nice weather and it was a pleasure to look at all the people. Why? Everybody was dressed nice and in the evening all women wore the most amazing dresses and high heels. I also went in this carousel because it was so beautiful. It had all kinds of details and it was so colorful! 

In this picture you can see the outfit I was wearing the first day. I also wore this in the plane. I love my fringe bag from Jane Norman so much! My lace top is very summer-ish and my converse finish the whole outfit. I am standing in front of a Céline shop (as you can see). I love their bags so much! They are truly amazing! What do you think of their bags?

The first day we were also swimming in the sea at noon. It was so much fun! Their were beautiful lights everywhere around us, the sea was nice and warm and I had my sister on my side! 

In Cannes were all kinds of delicious food shops. They had these huge macaroons and .. 

.. heels made of chocolate! How cool is that? Yeah I know. You just fell in love and I am totally joining you! 

When you walked further away from the beach the shops got less chic, but they still sold nice and colorful things.This was a very small and tight street from the old days where they did not have cars yet.

Here you can see a street style picture of two girls of my age. I loved to just sit down and look at the all amazing outfits passing by. Unfortunately I did not take my camera with me everywhere I went because it was so heavy to carry all day. I really like the outfits of these girls! The heels are too cute and the blouses are both combined beautifully.

Yeah. You can see it right. My hand has almost the same size as the hand of Angelina Jolie! It's awesome ;)

We also went to Monaco one day because we were very close to that country. Almost the whole country is the city Monte Carlo. The houses look so chic and lovely and a lot of rich people live here because of the low tax. There were so many amazing cars here! Porsche, Ferrari, and we saw for example a Bugatti, which is the fastest car in the world (which you can buy)!

P.s. Stay tuned for a HUGE shoplog from France!

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  1. Lovely pics!
    Wanna float with us?
    The Floating Team!

  2. Hey,
    great pictures! Looks like real fun! :)

  3. beautiful photos!
    looks like a great time

  4. I really want to visit Cannes! I love your fringed bag and those French girls look so chic. <3


  5. Nice pictures,
    have fun!

  6. cool post! Looks like you had a great holiday!

    Grace X

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  7. lovely pics!

  8. Really lovely pictures, makes me want to go back to France though and gorge on Macaroons haha! xx

    Abby | Beauty and a Blogger

  9. I envy! great blog. I invite you to a new post and to watch my blog

  10. Thank you for your visit, im very happy, U like my blog,
    to be honest with U, i love my layout too ;)

    You spent your holiday in an absolutely fantastic location, great pictures
    kiss, kiss :)

  11. very nice. hope you are having a nice time

  12. I loved the street style pic! France really does seem
    like such a magical place full of great fashion food
    and places.

    x Mariana |

  13. I love all your photo's! I follow your blog now (:

  14. Lovely photos. I look forward to the day I visit this beautiful land.


  15. Hi, dear!

    Beautiful picts!

    What do you think about my pictures from holiday?

    Kiss, Kiss, Kisses!♥

  16. amazing pictures ! <3
    I love France <3

  17. I'm so jealous, being in France is my dream! I love France in your lens, I see you had lots fun <3

  18. ohhh france, is there a more beautiful country? your vacation sounded AMAZING, and how wonderful you stayed so close to the beach! and nice street style shot- i can only imagine how lovely the french women dress :)

    xo marlen
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  19. What a beautiful country, I've been to France but not the chic area like Cannes now I really want to go :)
    Thank you for the kind comment on my blog

  20. Nice pictures, it seems like you had a lot of fun ;)

  21. great pictures :)

  22. Wat een leuke foto's! Die meiden kijken zo leuk haha. En die chocoladenschoenen, lovely ☺
    Ik heb een giveaway lopen, vind je het leuk om mee te doen? ☺

  23. being in France is my dream... beautiful pictures! and these two girl look fantastic, especially the brown-haired one! awesome!

    feel free to visit my blog + i follow you, dear! :*

  24. It wouldn't be a france related post without a picture of macaroons!!! hahaha
    I always wonder if all the peoplein paris is stylish...and looking at your streetstyle pic, yes they are!


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