Exercising || TIPS

 Are you always telling your mom that you are really really really going to sport now, but don't you get started? I get you girl. With this help guide, you will start to exercise in no time! Click read more to see the tippsss :):)

Tip 1. Find an exercise-buddy!
One of the most lovable things about sporting is that you don't necessarily need to do it all on your own. Discuss with your best friend to go running or to the sport centre once a week. You can catch up with your bf and talk about boys while you are working on your condition at the same time.

Tip 2. Do the possible.
If you've set your aim at sporting 3 times a week, you will not accomplish it right away. You need to start from the beginning so why don't you just start by sporting once a week? It will make you much more happy because you can accomplish that aim and it will give you a big boost. If you do not fail, you will get more confidence to take it up to the next level!

Tip 3. Find the right sport for you.
It's important that you really like the sport you are doing because, if you choose a  sport you really like, you will have more motivation to continue doing it and to do it more often. It's time to start a research. Which sports are there? What do your friends do? Ask them anything about their sports and why they like it.

Tip 4. Think about the good things.
Another thing which is very important, is to think about which good things sport brings you. You will get a nice body and a good condition. You don't want to suck at surfing on your holiday because you don't have muscles. Here I dotted down some things:
- Sporting makes you happy and you feel very good after sporting.
- You can meet new people and make new friends when you are at a team sport.
- You learn physical skills as well as teamwork skills.
- You get much more fitter.
- It boosts your confidence. If you learn new things you will feel much more confidence!

Tip 5. Don't give up. You can do it!
Everybody has a bad day sometimes are things which are not so easy. This differs per person because everybody is different! That's why you must not get away from one thing which isn't on your path. Try to do your best and continue doing it because everything will turn out well: trust me :)

I hoped you liked this article and let me know what your best tip is to get started with exercising!

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  1. leuk artikel! Dit geeft me weer energie om morgen te gaan hardlopen ;)

  2. Good ideas! This is motivating.


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  17. I love this article! It really makes me want to go out and rollerskate! Definitely bookmarking :D


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