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Let's continue with the true purpose of this post. In this post you will see some of my favorite items of recent fashion shows. I also will explain what I like about hem :) I hope you like it!

Alexander McQueen
What I like about McQueen's designs is that they are haute couture. You won't wear that hat in daily life but it gives the fantastic and most detailed designs a mysterious look which I adore. In this show I totally loved the shoes and the baroque print.

OMG. Guys. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these designs from Chanel. I am not always in love with Chanel because sometimes I think the style doesn't fit to mine, but in this show it definitely does! I love how these polka dots jump out of the sweater, I love the leather skirt, the dramatic make-up and the accessories. And guys.... I totally fell in love with that dress below. I think it's soo adorable and cute and girly and I love the colored details!

Elie Saab
I have put these beautiful dresses in this post because I think they belong here. I just wanted to show them to you. Of course, I wouldn't wear these in my daily life, but I love the details and lace!


Giambattista Valli
Guys, I love these dresses, fake fur coat and... accessories!!! The only minus is that I have difficulties pronouncing the name of the designer but it's gonna be okay because I am totally going to learn it :)

I honestly believe these designs of Valentino belong here because it shows simplicity and feminine in a beautiful way! I also have a fashion crush on these shoes and gosh... look at the details of the second dress! It's amazing, I know :)

Viktor & Rolf
Last, but definitely NOT least is this collection of Viktor & Rolf. I think this is, together with Chanel, the most gorgeous collection! I totally love the contrast between black and white in the first dress. I also think the stylist of the hair and make up did a real good job! The designs are amazing and if I could wear these designs, I definitely definitely would! I think this looks soooooo adorable!!! 

OMG, look at the mirror on this dress! That's sooooo cool :):)
 So.. this was my post. I hope you liked it and to see you next time! Bye, I lubb you guys ♥♥♥ You mean the world to me :)

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  1. I cannot get over the amazing details on some of these designs! I love those shoes.

  2. wauw de jurkjen van Elie Saab, die vind ik zoo mooi! leuk artikel :)

  3. Love first dress!!


  4. Wowww! Some beautiful outfits! Thank you for your comment, of course we can follow each other! x

  5. these are amazing haute couture pieces! very intricate and beautiful designs.

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  6. I really like this type of Outfit Collection...

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  8. The best of haute couture, I love Chanel and Valentino! Kisses from Sonia!

  9. I had a fashion overdose with this post. Galliano people is wicked crazy. Chanel is always gonna be Chanel, my favourite <3

  10. Great post, McQueen always pushes the boundaries and knows how to make art liveable!


  11. Wonderful designs by wonderful designers! Just fabulous! :)

  12. OMG. Amazing photo's!!
    Love, Paula

  13. Wow great styles.
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    I would be very glad to have you as my new friend, too.

    Ina :*


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