It was two weeks ago that I posted a review about e.l.f. for the first time. I reviewed their mineral booster and stipple brush. Today you will read part two of the review in which I will review the lip gloss stick, duo eye shadow cream and blush. I hope it's helpful and if you still have any questions, feel free to ask!

On the picture above you can see the lip gloss stick photographed with flashlight. As you can see it's quit shimmery and, according to me, the exact good pigment. It's not too overwhelmed and not that you can't see it at all. What I like about this lip gloss/stick, is the fact that it contains jojoba oil. For the people who don't know what jojoba oil is, it's also in the EOS lipbalms and in the Balmi. In other words: it's like a miracle for your lips! It makes your lips softer. I feel elf does a good job by adding jojoba oil to their lip products because it's good for my lips and it looks good!

A before and after picture of the lip gloss stick (without flashlight).

This lip pencil is only €2,50! A great lip pencil for that price!


A duo cream eye shadow. On the pictures you can see the eye shadow, swatches and how it looks on my eyes. I think this eye shadow is perfect for an everyday look. It stays on your eyelids all day and isn't too dramatic. E.l.f. also has this cream eye shadow in other colors which are more suitable for a party and also more pigmented. I like this color because you have two very basic, but nice colors in one. It contains some shimmer and gives your lids a nice color and glow so I'm really happy about this eye shadow!

This eye shadow is only €1,-. The ELF line contains a lot of one euro makeup products and I think this eye shadow is one of the best €1,- eye shadows I've ever had!


Blush in the shade Blush. On the left picture you can see my cheek without the blush and on the right picture you see my picture with the blush. You don't see a lot of difference, but you do see that my skin looks just a tiny bit healthier and nice. It gives your skin just a bit extra without exaggerating. I really think this blush is suitable for an every day look, for a party I would go for a blush which is a little more pigmented. 

What I like about the blush package, is that it's very easy. It contains a mirror and brush so when you are traveling you don't need to bring the blush + a mirror + a brush. 

This blush is only €2,50 and the brush is really handy!

I found this video on Youtube and I just wanted to show it to you because I think it's so amazing!

I hope you liked this review and  if you want to read my other review about elf, click here. I hope to see you in two days!

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  1. Je ziet een subtiel verschil, maar dat vond ik juist mooi!

  2. colour looks fantastic ;)

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  3. The cream shadows are so pretty! The blush looks great on you, too :)


  4. Leuke post meid! Zullen we elkaar volgen? xxx

  5. Whenever I get ELF, it's hit or miss. So far I like ELF duo eye shadow (powder kind), flat foundation brush, and eyelash curler. I'd love to try this blush though, because the just-bitten look is really appealing.

    Thanks for sharing your new ELF finds. ELF is a great brand, and apparently affordable, but it's nice to get other girls' opinions before I purchase.

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  6. Leuk review! Die blush zier er mooi uit :)

  7. wow its amazing!

  8. thanks for the review, haven't tried the jumbo lip pencil yet but i really liked how it looked in your photos. need to pick it up now. great post, and lovely blog as well. perhaps we could follow each other on GFC and Twitter? please feel free to check out my blog and let me know if you'd like to.


  9. Ziet er mooi uit! Ik heb nog nooit een product van elf geprobeerd maar ik heb al wel heel vaak gelezen dat het een fijn merk is!

  10. looks lovely! i've always wanted to get e.l.f. products!

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  11. That lip gloss is so pigmented! I love it! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog. You have a nice blog. Would you like to follow each other? Let me know in my blog and I’ll follow right away. : )

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  12. love your make up style!

  13. Cute blog!


  14. Beatufiuul blog.Followers and counting for revenge. :)


  15. This is such a great review girl! I love E.L.F. products! I normally buy them at Target in my hometown! :)


  16. Lijken me erg fijne producten en zeker tof dat ze 'budget' zijn :)

  17. I've never heard of this brand before, looks like great value for money!

    Corinne x

  18. loved the lip pencil, have to buy one to myself!

  19. i have REALLY been wanting to try out those lip pencils- its so awesome you found one for so cheap. thanks for suggesting it! ;)

    xo marlen
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  20. love the color of that lip pencil. :) Elf really is a good value for money. :)

  21. I love that shade of lip color. I think I may just have to try it. Thanks for the review!



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