A few weeks ago I got a huge package from Skinpharma with a couple of beauty products to test for you. All the products are in the picture above and if you want to know my opinion on these products, make sure to click the read more button :)

The first product I tested was this Eucerin day creme. It's against aging and for the dry skin. It promises to hydrate the skin, reduce wrinkles, to strengthen your skin structure and to stimulate the development of skin cells who give your skin more volume. This day creme is available for the dry skin and the normal to combination skin. I got the day creme for the dry skin, which I love. I always take products for the dry skin because even when you don't have a dry skin, it will make your skin feel softer. What I like about this day creme is the fact, that it has also SPF 15. This means it will be perfect for summer! It also smells amazing and I love the way this creme feels on my skin.

Another thing I got is this i say intimate mousse. These products (from i say) are designed to treat all kind of ailments. This specific product is especially designed to wash your vagina. It has the same pH value and helps you to protect the natural balance and acidity of your vagina. When you will wash your vagina with soap, it's not good because the pH value is much higher. This product also avoids unpleasant odors, secretion and itch. It's package is a nice bottle with a pump. The substance is a mousse and feels very nice on your skin. It's so soft! I must say this product really does what it promises to do and you feel very fresh after showering.

Now I got to test out a few products from la Roche-Posay.Their products are specially developed for the sensitive skin. They have many different products and I got to test out their extra protecting sun lotion, bb cream and balm for the extra dry skin against irritations and itch. 

The Sun lotion does a good job protecting your skin against the sun. It is also waterproof, like it says ("very water resistant"). I will definitely recommend using a sun protection like this, when you have a very light skin tone (like me).

The balm is meant for the very dry skin and it's supposed to help against scratching. I don't really scratch the parts on my body with dry skin, and I must honestly say that I do not have many dry skin areas. That's why I will just tell you how this balm feels. It's a completely odorless balm and is easy spreadable. It is a very soft cream and only takes a minute to get into your skin. I believe la roche-posay when they say it's an anti-irritation cream. It only feels soft, has no odor and calms your skin.

I must say the bb cream is very smooth and flows over your skin so easy. It also feels very light on your skin. I only don't think it covers up that much as a bb cream is supposed to do. This one is also in the color medium, normally I have to go for a light bb cream, but this one doesn't cover up so this shade will be good for me in summer time.

Finally this product from Vichy. I think I have tested the same product before, I still feel the same about this one: I like the L'oreal Paris makeup remover and tonic much better. In the mornings my skin feels just so much better. It does make my skin stay soft, but it doesn't feel very good on my skin. 

Thank you Skinpharma for sending me those products!

17 opmerkingen:

  1. I am not a big fan of the bb cream either because the coverage. x Julia

  2. I love hearing about new products - they look great!

    Following you :)


  3. That day cream sounds amazing. I have dry skin, so I am always on the lookout for great products.

  4. Leuke producten heb je ontvangen. La Roche Posay is een heel fijn merk

  5. Eucerin en La Roche ken ik toevallig. Vind het beide super fijne merken!

    Kiki | Chicks About Fashion

  6. Eucerin wil ik nog een keertje proberen!

  7. Eucerin is my go to skin care brand. Love their stuff! x

  8. De producten van La Roche Posay gebruik ik ook altijd. Erg fijn! Die dagcrème van Eucerin lijkt me ook erg fijn. Ik gebruik er nu eentje van Benefit, maar die is me toch iets te duur.

  9. those reviews are stunning !

  10. Very nice review. I love La Roche-Posay products :)

  11. I have used many of these products and its great =)

    I am now following you on GFC, hope you will follow back if you have not done yet =)

  12. Fajny post. Kremy sa świetne,pozdrawiam.

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