As a real shopaholic and fashionista, you can't go without nail polish! I love to have a pretty color on my nails. Next to the fact that it's looking good, it's a real life safer. If your nails aren't that pretty from themselves, it's a good way to cover that up. Nowadays there are also a lot of caring products for your nails which help your nails grow faster and give them more strength. I always love to watch other people's nail polish collections so I thought it would be fun to show you my collection! On the picture above you can see an overview of my collection.


As you can see I ordered my nail polishes on color. The lighter colors on the front and the dark colors on the bag. This way I can easily find a color I want.

I only have 4 Essie nail polishes because they are pretty expensive I think. I only bought one of these colors myself for the full price and that's the blue color: mint candy apple. I discovered that amazing color on the YouTube channel of Macbarbie07 and I just had to had that color and with success. It's truly amazing! The purple color with glitters (leading lady) and coral/pink (cute as a button) color I got from friends for my birthday last year. The white/very light pink (Fiji) color I bought a while ago for €5 on sale. The Essie nail polishes are my favorites because they stay on my nails for a very long time and they cover up so easy. You only need to apply 2 coats for full coverage instead of 4.

On this picture you can see my 'essential nail polishes'. I think everybody should have those types because they are just a primary need. First, you need a base coat to protect your nails from getting a weird color after you got the nail polish off your nails. A nail hardener will help your nails to grow strong and healthy. A glittery nail polish will be perfect for any chic occasion and a red color is appropriate for almost every occasion. Than I would recommend to have one of your favorite colors as well to add your own style to your collection. In my case this would be purple, green or the mint candy apple one from Essie. And finally, a shining top coat! When you have the nail polishes listed, you have the right base to start your collection.

As I said, I really love to wear a purple nail polish. It's so nice and happy! It feels like a party on my fingers :)

Here are some of my special nail polishes. I bought the neon yellow and glittery blue color in Turkey for only 50 cents. How cheap! The quality is, of course, not the best, but still good for the price! Of course I also own some cracking top coats (these are not all of them) and I just had to buy the pearl decorations from Catrice. I didn't dare to try them out yet because I'm not sure how to do it. But I can't wait to try them! I also own a couple of nail polishes with a very thin brush to do some nail art. Then, I bought a very nice nail polish with a lot of little yellow hearts in it. It's a top coat but with hearts! I love it so much because I think it's so cute.

For nail polish I also love to wear nail polishes from NYC. The brushes are nice and the colors cover pretty good. I also really like the colors they sell. I just got (after taking these pictures and writing this post) two more nail polishes from NYC from my friends. They are in two very pretty colors: Mint Macaroon and Full Metal Jacket.

I didn't take close ups of every nail polish, but I hope you liked the post! If you want any more information or if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below and tell me! 

Love, Anna

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  1. Great collection! And amazing colors:)

  2. Wow! You've got a great collection and those Essie nail lacquers look so beautiful!


  3. Dat is veel, er zitten hele leuke kleurtjes tussen x

  4. amazing polishes

  5. Waaauw, zoveel lakjes, wat ben ik jaloers!
    Er zitten er veel in die ik wel eens zou willen proberen :)

    Liefs, Liese

  6. Mooie verzameling heb je bij elkaar gespaard! Liefs

  7. This is great! Please check out my blog at! Hope you’ll follow on bloglovin!

  8. jeez i feel you :D My polishmania was like huuuge one day, but it change for to clothesmania and I'm glad :D it's not dead anyway, nail polishes are awesome!

  9. Heyhey! Bedankt voor je berichtje :). En oh my, kijk die verzameling! Essie is zeker mijn favorite, zulke mooi kleuren.


    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Lucia Flores Diary ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  10. You have some collection!! Do you have time to use them all!?:)
    P.S I'm your newest follower!:)

  11. You hacve a great collection! I love it! By the way, thank you for visiting my blog. I like yours and I follow you now.

    Kisses from Spain


  12. great collection!!

    would you like to follow each other?kisses

  13. Great post! I'm really trying to step my nail polish game up so thanks for the tips!


  14. that's an amazing collection, wow!

  15. Leuke kleurtjes! Ik vind essie nagellakjes ook best duur, daarom heb ik er ook geen. Maar ik wil er zeker een keer een kopen!
    Liefs, fije

  16. Wow, you have the most amazing collection hun!

  17. you have a great nail polish collection!! I love the essie colors :)


  18. holey moley, you have so much nail polish, i am jealous! i love all of the glitter ones!

    lindsey louise

  19. Wow, veel lakjes! Ergens ben ik wel een tikje jaloers!

  20. OMG, your nail polishes collection is so awesome, you own every brand, that's incredible, I love that purple glitter nail polish in the 5th photo, and those Essie colors looks awesome too. New follower here, hope you can visit my blog :)


  21. I should do a post on my nail collection. I have a lot of polishes too!


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