Waterclouds Repair Hairmask & Shampoo || REVIEW

It's time for you to meet my favorite hair products. Do you still remember the John Beerens bloggers event? It was so much fun and we all got two products from Waterclouds to test. I told Donja that my hair is very dry and frizzy so I got this repair hairmask and shampoo. I can already tell you that I love them so much. They are even my favorite hair products right now so that's a good thing!

This is how they look. They have a very chic packaging. I really love the colors because they are very back to earth but still look fresh and girly. I also the opening of the shampoo, it's an easy press button. The hairmask contains 200 ml and the shampoo 250 ml, but you use less hairmask than shampoo in the shower.

Time for the results! I like to leave in the repair hair mask for a couple of minutes because this way your hair can get everything out of it. I have some difficulties brushing my hair, but surprisingly not as much as with just using a shampoo (from for example Andrélon). My hair also isn't frizzy at all and it looks very glowy and beautiful. I like!

You can buy the shampoo and hairmask for €8,95 at the John Beerens webshop. It's some money but you only need to use a little bit. It is very concentrated so you won't need to use a lot. This way you will be able to use it for quit a long time. The repair line is for dry, damaged and frizzy hair. At the shop you will also find some other lines like the color line for colored hair, the volume line to create more volume and some others. If you aren't sure what you should try you can always contact the very kind customer service. They are there to help you out!

Did you ever try anything from Waterclouds and what are your 'miracle hair products'? Tell me in the comments! I would love to know!

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  1. Great review doll now I want to try it.

  2. Great post. I really need something like this.

  3. i really need it <3

  4. I loved any kind of novelty for beauty! Your hair looks great! I think mine got used to the shampoo I am wearing for a while, or maybe it was wrong for me, cause my hair gets very dry easily :( denisesplanet com

  5. Ik heb ze ook en vind alleen het mascara niet heel erg fijn.

  6. I've never seen the brand before but it sounds lovely!

  7. Thank you for share these products ^^!
    Your hair looks great!


  8. Ziet er heel goed uit, mooi haar heb je xx

  9. the best shampoo ever!, The longer i leave it on..the better it works


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