Quick & Easy Christmas Snacks!

As you might have recognized already, I'm posting a lot in the Christmas atmosphere! I just love it, it's by far my favorite season of the year! Do you like Christmas as well? Let me know! Today I will be showing you two very quick & easy DIY Christmas snacks. They are adorable and I already got some compliments on them. Let me know which one you like the most! Also, if you are making this stuff with me, you can share it with me on twitter: I love to see your creations! :)

1. Snowman Cookies
What you will need:
- Powdered Sugar
- A little bowl
- Knife and spoon
- Biscuits
- Pigment markers (for food!)
- White Marshmellows
- Also you will need some water, but I'm sure you have that ;)

So let's start with our little melted snowmans! We first take a couple of biscuits and lay them down on a cute plate. 

Then we will put quite an amount of powdered sugar in a little bowl and we ad a tiny little bit of water. Then we stir it until it's a smooth paste. If you added too much water, you want to add some powdered sugar extra because other ways it isn't white enough. You can play around with the amounts.

Now it's time to get back to our cookies! Just put some (not too much because then it will fall off) of the glaze you just made on top of them. 

We are going to take a knife and cut the marshmallows so we get half of them.It will already stick in the glaze but now it will stick even better. Also, when you put the full marshmallows on top of the glaze, they are too high.

Time for our colored markers! We are going to take the blue one and draw the eyes and mouth. I like to vary a bit but found out the smiling/sad face were the easiest. With the red marker I give them a little nose! How cute!

Now you want to put your cookies in the fridge for 5 minutes. This way the glaze will get harder and you can draw the arms on them afterwards! If the glaze is still very very soft, the blue will divide itself among the glaze and you won't really see the arm shape.

This is were the creative part comes in! I just gave them the body accessories. Also some of them got a hat or a bow or a bow tie: how cute! 

Then you will want to put your melted snowmans in the fridge again. When they are hard you can pour over some more powdered sugar so it will look like snow! That's it! Easy, huh?!

2. Reindeer brownies
Now let's go to the reindeers! For them we will need some Christmas themed Nutella (of course, I can't live without), some nuts (walnuts and peanuts), Mini brownies, some brown fondant pieces (round), our colored markers and some round cupcake decorations in a few colors. Also, a knife might be pretty smart for this tutorial ;)

Just lay down the brownies and smear some Nutella on the fondant pieces. Paste them on the bottom of your brownies (just leave a little bit of space left on the bottom). 

Let's go to the eyes of our little reindeer! I liked to use blue ones as well as pink ones just to give it some color! 

Now I'm drawing a happy mouth with the blue marker (It looks almost like black! That's good!).

Let's half our peanuts and take some walnuts. Push two walnuts on top of the reindeer. Then we will take one peanut, split it and use it as ears on the side top of the little animal.

Aaaanddd.... our result! As you can see it's really easy and I would love to see your pictures if you make them as well! Also tell me what you think in the comments :)

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  1. Hello from Spain: very tasty Christmas cookies. Merry Christmas. Keep in touch

  2. These look absolutely delicious!
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    Merry Christmas!

  3. All look so delicious ;) Greetings :)

  4. Aw wow, these are such wonderful and yum ideas!

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  6. I absolutely love the 'melted snowman'- cookies! :D <3 Great idea! :)

  7. look absolutely amazing the snowman!
    i wait you on my blog

  8. Have a delightful aspect :)


  9. Cute reindeer :))


  10. Too cute and absolutely gorgeous. Love this post so much.

  11. wow it looks so yum!! Love the reindeer so much!!
    Merry Christmas!!
    Amy from http://hundred-lookbyamyaguilera.blogspot.com/

  12. They look so delicious!


  13. So adorable and it looks delicious ! I wish you a Merry Christmas :)

  14. oh my, it always looks so good!



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