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Even though it is not officially winter yet, it's pretty cold to go for a walk outside. It started to freeze again and I started to wear warmer clothes. Today I have some outfit inspirations for you. I find them all on different fashion blogs from all around the world. I'm happy to show you my findings!

Denim Feather
I love layering in winter time! It really gives a special, warm, cozy feeling like everything in the world is good. This is also why I love winter so much: because you can wear great clothes!

Noelle's Favorite Things

These four: Freestyle Blog
This girl is so fashionable! You must definitely check out her blog. She is a model and you can clearly see that, she is beautiful! She doesn't just have a pretty face, but also a great sense for style.

Anouska Proetta Brandon

Which style do you like the most?

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  1. Wow! Great photos! I feel like I need to shop for similar clothes.


  2. Lovely choices! I love your blog, hope you can check out mine sometime x

  3. Hello from Spain: beautiful pictures. Very inspiring. Keep in touch

  4. Such inspiring fashionistas! They all look amazing!

  5. I'm so happy you featured Noelle! I think she has such a quaint beauty and she always looks like Belle from Beauty and the Beast in her pics! :)

    great inspirational pics!

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  6. Ooh wauw wat een heerlijke inspiratie! Hier houd ik echt van en mooi overzicht heb je gemaakt, love it!

  7. Nice inspiration , great photos <3 kiss :-*

  8. Vind ze allemaal geweldige x

  9. I adore this inspiration post. The first and sixth outfits are my favorites :D

  10. such amazing inspiration, it's really hard to pick a fave!
    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming

  11. Beautiful pictures. I love the last outfit. Kisses!

  12. Gorgeous images you made me want to go shopping

  13. Love all the outfits mentioned above but the freestyle ones gotta be my favourites !! :)xx

  14. Fabulous winter style inspiration! I love Denim Feather's look best :)


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