Instadiary #4

It's time again for a new Instadiary. In these posts I show you a few Instagram pictures I posted to my Instagram account BlogFashionAnna.  I don't post every day but I think it's important to show nice posts instead of randomly posting anything I see. Today I will tell you a few things I've done according to the photos: enjoy!

001 I got these shoes a while ago from my parents. 002 I was in the Dutch magazine CosmoGirl! I had an entire page and I was so thankful for it! 003 I wore my new Livo sunglasses 004 I tried to paint my nails like Bethany Mota and I succeed pretty well. 005 I celebrated mothers day with a nice breakfast! 006 In Rome, Italy, we took an awesome polaroid photo in the Subdued shop. 007 A photo of us with a fountain in Rome. 008 I tried to show a girl of my class how I usually edit my Instagram photos. 009 I made some delicious smoothies on which a tutorial will be up on my blog very soon!

010 I got my new Nike Janoskis and I love them so much! I also showed them on my blog, click here for the post. 011 We went to one of the islands of the Netherlands: Schiermonnikoog. The beach was a lot of fun! 012 Of course we had to watch the world cup. The Netherlands already won from Spain and Australia. 013 My friends came over to watch the competition with me :D

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