Cute Daisy Nail Art

Today Laura will be guiding us to a step-by-step tutorial to these really cute and summer-ish daisy nails! These summer daisy’s are a must have and pretty trending right now. You can't pass a single clothing store without seeing a clothing piece with daisy's. I love daisy’s because you can combine it with so many things and it makes me happy when I look at them. Now after reading this; who doesn’t want daisy’s on their nails? So let’s start with this easy and cute nail art!

For this nail art you can choose any color of nail polish you prefer, but I think white daisy’s are the prettiest because then they stand out of the popping base color. For the base colors I chose pink, mint, coral and a Lila. These are very bright colors that make them perfect for the summer. For the inner corner  of the daisy you need a yellow nail polish. 

You also got to have a dotting tool to make the daisy's. If you don’t have a dotting tool, another option would be a toothpick. But a dotting tool makes the prettiest result. My dotting tool is from essence, but you can find one in almost every drugstore.

Okay, now start off with polishing every nail in a different color. Apply two layers to make the color even brighter. I love bright colors for summer: it’s just perfect! Now let it dry completely and then move on to the next step.

Now we are going to create the daisy’s. Start off by placing 4 dots were you want your daisy’s to be. Dot more dots around one dot to make the leafs of the daisy. At first it looks a bit crazy but when you move on with dotting al the dots and creating these daisy’s you will be amazed by how nice it looks, and it wasn't even that hard to do!

And to complete the daisy, make a yellow dot in the middle of leaves you just made! It looks so cute when the nail art is completely finished. If you want it to stay on your nails for a really long time, apply a transparent nail polish.

I hope I inspired some of you to make this nail art. Have a great summer and improve your summer with some cute nails! 

This blog post was written by Laura. Thank you very much for this amazing post! And I wish you all a happy summer!

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  1. Enorm schattig!! Je hebt het echt heel netjes gedaan zeg! Ik ben niet zo goed in nagels lakken hihi.. oepss. Je hebt een hele leuke blog :) Liefs Emmy

  2. Cute nails.

  3. Het ziet er echt zo cute uit! Ik wil dit ook wel op mijn nagels :)

  4. wat leuk zeg ze zien er heel cute uit liefs x

  5. deze nail art is zoo geschikt voor de zomer!
    Wat een mooie blog heb je zeg, ik vind hem super geslaagd!
    Je layout ziet er ook professioneel uit <3

    Ik kijk uit naar je volgende artikel!
    Xx julia


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