Holiday in Turkey || The outfits + WINNER GIVE AWAY KITSCH DIVA

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Here are the posts you have been waiting for for a while. Here I am with my holiday posts! In this post I show you pictures of my outfits this holiday. There are also other posts comming with beautiful pictures I've shot. The things I bought and funny stories. So that's about what you can expect the next few days. Sometimes I will tell something about the event, sometimes I don't. Hope you enjoy!

Yesterday I tried to post some outfits I wore, but my computer said he couldn't show the files :( But here are some of the other outfits I wore this holiday. You must keep in mind that I was often wearing a bikini so I didn't need an outfit each day ;-)

My hair is partially braided, it looked very nice!

Sometimes it was more than 45 degrees so I wore a cap to protect my very white skin from burning in the sun. I never get a brown skin. I burn, I become red, it hurts and I become white again. Unfortunately :(

This boat drove us to the butterfly valley next to the blue lagoon beach.

We saw the sunset in Tuana and shot some nice pictures with the red glow.

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  1. Great Photos.

  2. What a great pics!! i can see that you had a great holidays :)
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  3. zo te zien heb je een hele leuke vakantie gehad! leuke foto's.

  4. Nice photos!

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    great pictures and a great blog as well.
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  12. All your outfits and photos are so lovely!!!!!! Hope you enjoy your stay in Turkey a friend of mine went there a few months ago and she came back in love with the city!

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  13. Looks like you had a wonderful vacation! Thank you for stopping by, of course I'd love to follow each other! :)

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  18. heard Turkey is an absolute divine place to visit :)
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  19. Your face is pink!. Pale White girls are beautiful


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