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It's already the 3rd time I write in this not so new anymore section: meet the bloggers. In this section I  interview bloggers of very interesting and inspiring blogs. I did this to give you tips on how to get a better blog and to let you see things from other perspectives. Maybe you can find a blogger who fits totally to your opinion! Every week I interview a different blogger. I hope you enjoy!

Prepare yourself because Reinhardt Kenneth is being interviewd this time. His style is very over the top and original. It is also very inspirational. There is nothing Reinhardt doesn't like about blogging. Are you an artist with style? Then you must definately visit his blog! This is the interview. What do you think of his style and blog?

Please introduce yourself.

I am Reinhardt Kenneth, a 15 year old fashion photographer/blogger living in Surabaya, Indonesia. I live by my art and cherish it like glimmering aquamarines to my lungs.
Why (and when?) did you start blogging?
Basically since I love expressing myself through what I wear and what I write, also through my artworks, that is why I started blogging. January, 2012.

What keeps you blogging?
My humble followers and how I can always do my best and develop expressing every beat of my artistic soul.
 Please describe your style.
Avant-Garde, I am fiercely obsessed with hippies and aliens. I am always second-guessed to be weird.

Who is/are your style icon(s)?
Lana Del Rey, Lady GaGa, Alexander McQueen.
How does your blog make progress?

I would say it had just been recently famous since you basically just don't get known over night, It's not that much of a famous, I just live for FAME.
What do you like the most about blogging?
I can express myself through every word flying through my mind, I write through my soul and my alter egos.
Do you have any difficulties with finding new topics to post about? Why or why not?
I don't, since I always have a material or two in progress long before I post them.
Is it easy to blog and why?
Yes, since It's all about staying true to yourself.

What do you think of your readers?
They're all babyloos to the gin, they are very sweet.
What do you blog about?
Fashion, Art, Literature, Photography.
Who is your target group?
Everyone, mostly artists.
Are there any people who help you with your blog?
SBYVOGUE, a group of bloggers from Surabaya.
Do you have sponsors for your blog? Yes, what did they sponsor? No, why not?
Yes, a maroon blazer and a limited brazil flagged Havaianas.
What did you do to gain followers?
I leave comments, like basically I ask them to follow each other.

Which interesting blogs do you follow and why?
Bessana Blue from, Joshua Christian from, Brigitta Monique from, Pricillia Lumantoro from, Charlene Gondo from, and Theresia Oei from
Do you have anything to add to this?

I would love to share a message to the readers that Art is a part of reformation and always live by it, don't ever stop to give a single damn to impress, express yourself and live by art. Don't ever think somethings too much for the day. Stay Fashionably Obsessive.

Do you want to be in this section? Don't hesitate to mail and say why you must be chosen, I will check out your blog and maybe you are next!

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