001 Throwbackthursday NYC '11. 002 I got two beautiful and adorable rings from oasap. 003 We arrived in France in our appartment. 004 Me and my sister being weird while eating pizza. 005 The beautiful view from the slides. 006 Sitting in the ski lift. 007 Yeah.... I have torn the tendon of my right thump and now I need an operation. 008 Chocolate milk for life! I had to stay in the appartment because I couldn't ski anymore :-\ 009 Last days that I was 15 I could barely make my own bread :S

010 I found this funny littl' story picture on weheartit :) 011 Diet Coke design with Jean Paul Gaultier, so coooool! 012 I love Arizona ice tea soo much!! 

I hoped you liked this instagram post :) For more pictures and latest 'behind the scenes' insta-photos follow my account: @blogfashionanna. Love you! XOXOXOXOXOXO

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  1. sorry for late reply. Let's following each other;) you can follow me first=)

    Eka Theresia♥

  2. Leuke foto's <3! Mooi met die sneeuw =]! Ik ben nog nooit op wintersportvakantie geweest! Maar ik hoop het ooit eens mee te maken <3!

    xxx Katy ^^!

  3. leuke foto's! die ringen zijn zo cuteee <3

  4. lovely pictures dear! nutella is indeed the best! <3

  5. i like this juice !here in Poland is not it;/


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