Pastel Colors

Since I love pastel colors a lot I decided to do a little post about them showing you guys some inspiring pictures and explaining a little bit about these colors. I hope you will like this post :)

Btw, I am on skiing holiday right now so I am not able to post any outfit posts. Of course I will keep on posting nice posts for you (every other day) so don't worry about that ;-)

This summer and spring pastel colors will be a huge trend. Not only your wardrobe will be filled with these colors, you do also good by a natural make-up look. Go for simple and light colors like pastel blue or pink (I love 'm).

How to combine your pastel colors? To pimp up your pastel colors you do always good by adding something with a little bit more color or something with glitters. Pastel colors are most of the time very light and when your whole outfit is pastel-colored you will easily look a little bit boring. That's why you do good by adding something glittery or something with harder and clearer colors. 

You can also varnish your nails in a pastel color. You can go both ways when you are varnishing your nails in pastel colors. You can go for the simple (but cute) one color (varnish two layers of nail polish on top of each other to get the color better). You can also go for multiple colors and varnish your nails in a nice print. Draw hearts or polka dots for a cute nail look :)

Thank you very much for reading this post, I really appreciate it! Love, Anna

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  1. Happy that pastel will be trend again ! I love it !

    XX Luba

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  2. leuke foto´s! Ik heb nu een pastel kleurtje op mijn nagels!<liefs

  3. everything look gorgeous...beautiful post
    i am following your blog hope you return the love and follow me back too
    love Vikee

  4. Great pictures,I love pastel<3
    So happy they are comming back :)

  5. Lovely photos! I love pastels.


  6. AMAZING!!


  7. Really pretty pics :)
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  8. Love this post, thanks for sharing!!

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  9. That first photo is fabulous! Loving the mint and baby pink colors :)

  10. I love pastel colors!!! But attention to overstate!!!

  11. wow i really love your nail color !

  12. Loving pastel colours! I love the mint shoes, and pink and mint nail polishes


  13. I always love pastel color ^^


  14. So lovely <3



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