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Today I took a look at an online webshop called SirenLondon and I thought they sell a lot of amazing things. That's why I decided to make a little wishlist of my absolute favorites :) I hope you will like it and please tell me which item of their shop is your absolute favorite!

I like these boots very much because this pair has some subtle studs on the heel, a cool zip and the color is adorable. You can combine this shoe with almost every everyday outfit. The black jacket has some really cool golden accents and I adore the material very much! Another thing I fell in love with was this ring because it's really cute and it has a lot of (fake) diamonds on it. My ultimate favorite is this pink lace dress! It's sooo cute and I love love love the shape and the color!! Finally, the blue top. I really want to have this top because I like the deep blue color and I think the golden accents (polka dots for life!) are soo adorable and really cool for when you are having a little more special occasion.

This was my post for today. I know it was a little bit short but I still have to get used to typing with one hand :) Lots more posts are coming soon!! I lubb you guys ♥♥♥♥♥♥

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  1. I want everything on your wish list! hope you will get them and do a haul entry soon hehee <3


  2. Die top is zooo gaaf! ik houd van die kleur! xx

  3. It's really inspiring blog! Love at the first sight <3

    Wanna follow each other with GFC? Please let me know :)


  4. Great post! I really like the boots too! Thanks for visiting my blog :)


  5. the lace tunic is beautiful...great post
    i am following your blog hope you return the love and follow me back too
    love Vikee

  6. I'm falling for the top.. <33 Beautiful!

    Your newest follower,


  7. Really nice wishlist! Just discovered your blog, I'm now following you :)
    Would love if you could check out mine and follow me back darling!

    Not a Fashion Affair


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