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Hey guys! Here I am again with, this time, a beauty post. I just would like to tell you one thing before I start with everything I want to tell to you about beauty. Yesterday I was skiing and I fell. Now I have torn the tendon of my right thump. I need an operation as quick as possible when I come home again. It hurts a lot and it will take a very long time until it's totally better again. For now, I think it's better to be careful. I hope you understand :) Of course I will try to post as often as possible on my blog.

In this post I will show you a make-up trend for this summer which I really love. You will do very good by showing some bold, matt lips in a stand out color like pink or red. Click read more to see some tips and tricks on how to create a beautiful look with this trend and what is the best way to put on your lipstick. Enjoy! :D:D:D:D

If you would like to create the pop lips look, you will do good by keeping your make up very natural. Another thing you will want to create is a clear skin. Start with concealer under you eyes and on the darker spots of your face (like redness, moles, pimples, etc.). Then you will want to continue with a good foundation like the FIT me foundation from Maybelline New York. You'd better take a tint lighter or equal to your skin tone than a darker colour because that will look totally unnatural. The next thing you use for this look is an eyebrow pencil. Choose a color which is similar to your hair color or, in some cases, a darker color (if you have very blonde hair for example). Continue with a brown kohl eyeliner under your upper eye lashes so make your eyes look a little bit bigger. The last thing you need (besides the lip stick) is a brown mascara which doesn't give you a lot of volume. Don't put too much mascara on your eye lashes to keep the look very natural. Also you'd better not use any blush for this look.

Now your make up is finished you would like to put on a nice color of popstick on your lips. But how do you make sure it stays on your lips all day because, let's be honest, even the best lipsticks which say they will last up to 24 hours don't stay on your lips all day. Still, it's important to buy yourself a lipstick from a good brand cause Maybelline NY will last much longer than Essence for example. Look for a waterproof lipstick if possible. When you choose your lipstick for this look, you will want to swatch some different lipsticks on top of your hands. Look if the lipstick is pigmented enough and if it doesn't have some glitters in it. For this look you will need a highly pigmented matt lipstick with no glitters. 

So, to the point. How do you make sure your lipstick stays on your lips for a very long time? Here is an easy trick you can use (Taylor Swift uses it too with her beautiful red lipstick looks). Put on your lipstick and take a tissue. Put the lipstick between your lips and close your lips tight. Now, put some powder on your lips and lipstick your lips again. Your lipstick will stay on your lips for a very long time right now! :) If you want to, you can use a lipliner (in the same color as the lipstick!) but it's not highly recommended.

These were my tips and tricks for this pop/nude look. I hoped you liked this post and see you guys laterrr!! Bye!

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  1. So sorry you got hurt.Nice post!:)

  2. Love the colours of the lipstick


  3. Aww, I'm sorry that you're hurt! That is awful. Get better soon! I think this trend is really fun. I love bold lips!

  4. So sorry you fell during skiing. Sucks to have accidents. But great that you are keeping up with blog.

    I love this look. All bare and then LIPS.

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  5. Oh heerlijk, knallende lippen! Wat jammer dat je viel :(

  6. beautiful make up

  7. Great make-up!

  8. I love this!!
    xo Paula

  9. nice blog
    I follow U check out mine If u want
    tak care darling <3


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