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Today I would like to show you an amazing project, people from all over the world are joining. It's day zero. The purpose is to achieve 101 things in 1001 days. My day zero just ended and I didn't achieve everything. This is why I'm busy making a new list with things I want to have done in 1001 days.

It's not just for fun. It has a purpose. Sometimes you aren't proud of yourself. By achieving things in your life, and seeing that you have achieved something, you will be more confident and happy. Even though I did not do everything of my '1001 day bucket list', I see that I have done so many more things than I would have expected. This makes me feel better because sometimes I just don't see the light anymore. Also I'm writing down some fun things to do because sometimes I only think about work. It's easy to forget about the good things. I would love to share my old list with you. It expired somewhere in September because I started on the 5th of December 2010. Curious at my list? Click read more!

Unfortunately I partly forgot about the Day Zero and this list is expired right now. I'm busy creating a new list and some things I haven't done will be in there as well. I love to set my goals and live to them. Do you have any ideas of things I should list? This was my old list btw:

1. Play The sacrifice from Nymann on the piano.
2. Save 200 euro's on my bank account.
3. Go on skiing holiday.
4. Write a new movie scenario (at least 20 pages typed!).
5. Get 3 movie tasks and achieve them.
6. 1000 of views for a new movie I put on youtube.
7. Do a professional photo shoot with Sophie, Julia and Lynn.
8. Buy a colbert/blazer or military jacket.
9. Write a poet which is 2 pages long.
10. Redecorate my room + throw away lots of things!
11. Run up a down-going escalator.
12. Buy a photo camera. 

13. Be on the television.
14. Read my book about making movies and photographing.
15. Make a ververyvery nice picture on my holiday trip.
16. Wear my hair down.
17. My BIBA bracelet full of beads.
18. Buy a XXL sketchbook.
19. Make a key ring.
20. Buy four different colours of nail varnish.
21. Climb in a tree.
22. Drive a tractor.
23. Score 10 times in 1 basketball competition.
24. Score at least an 8 for Dutch.
25. Make a real magazine.
26. A whole day of fun with Floor.
27.Watch a 3D movie in cinema.
28. Skiing off-piste.
29. Give 5 euro's to charity.
30. Do surprices with my family.
31. Win something out of a grab machine.
32. A quarter on one leg.
33. Shoot six times in row touch on basket.
34. Don't eat candy for 2 days.
35. Run one round outside when there is snow without a jacket or scarf etc...
36. Watch 26 movies I've never seen before with every letter from the alphabet.
37. Fall in love.
38. Read: do more faster
39. Try 3 different day creames.
40. Explorer a new city.
41. Make a list from everything bad in my life, burn it.
42. Make in every season a photograph from the same view.
43. Do voluntary work.
44. Create christmas cards and send them.

45. Make brownies.
46. Take underwater photographs.
47. Be happy!
48. Buy: My wonderful world of fashion.
49. Create my own boardgame.
50. Buy: Het super meisjes tekenboek.
51. Be an assistent for 2 days.
52. Buy an ice cream with 3 scoops. Or 2 very big ones!!!
53. Go to America.
54. Buy a shirt with something from paris on it.
55. Buy: What shall I wear to day from Fifi Lapin.
56. Be 15 years old!
57. I can play 5 top 40 piano songs.
58. Give a piano concert.
59. Perform abroad.
60. Do a flash mob.
61. Get wreck this journal completely full.
62. Design my own shirt and create it.
63. Finish my scenario from the movie: Soemagreen.
64. Film Soemagreen.
65. Buy new shoes.
66. See the adjustment bureau.
67. Move to the other house.
68. get 1000 views on this blog.
69. Follow a photo workshop.
70. Cook for my whole family.
71. Audition.
72. See a well-known person.
73. Be vegetarian for 1 week long.
74. Publish a child book.
75. Follow a yoga lesson.
76. Score at least a 8,5 at geography.
77. Test on every nail 1 specific kind of nail varnish. Buy 1 of them.
78. Sell my old photo camera.
79. Participate the national geographic photo competition.
80. Go to 10 restaurants I've never eaten in before.
81. Comment on 50 random blogs.
82. Make a gingerbread house.
83. Play a game of tennis.
84. Have my own piece of garden.
85. Go to an art museum.
86. Throw a message in a bottle into the ocean.
87. Leave an inspirational note inside a book for someone to find.
88. Tie a note to a balloon and let it go.
89. Go fishing.
90. Play struggle for pleasure by Wim Mertens on piano (partly achieved).

91. Have a piano (wing?? dutch: vleugel)
92. Have this is not a book full.
93. Have 10.000 views on this blog
94. Go to Zambia for charity
95. Make a planning for school and really use it.
96. Win a give away.
97. Have 200 tweets on twitter.
98. Make a compromise.
99. Draw with a waterproof marker a heart on someones hand.
100. Buy the book: one line a day.
101. Mail a question to the quest.

It really feels good to set a goal in life. To dream. Otherways you won't have anything to live to. Every life has a purpose. Find out what's yours, and just do it. You can view (a part of) my new list here.

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  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog. Yes, I want to follow each other. I follow you. Now it's your turn.

  2. amazing! you achieved many of its goals! ... not in doubt that I will make a list or yes! ... help me to stop claiming ;) ...

  3. Wat een leuk project, heel veel succes!

  4. Wat een ontzettend leuk project! Je hebt echt al heel veel bereikt! Goed gedaan!

  5. Wauww wat super tof zeg! Had er nog nooit van gehoord.

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog! ;)
    Great blog and pics :)

  7. This is great!!! Good on you for doing this.
    I've actually got my eye on a diary that keeps you motivated on your goals. Seems like little reminders and incentives are scheduled in pages at the right times throughout the year to keep you focused too. You've inspired me to get it, actually ;)

  8. This is wonderful, you have done so many! I love this idea because it makes such a difference to happiness and confidence like you said. Achievement has made me feel a lot better about myself on many occassions. I'd love to follow each other. I am following you now on both GFC and bloglovin. Hope you'll do the same Have a great week.

  9. A greast and you have a inspiring blog. Thank you for following. It´s a pleasure to follow back

  10. Wow, you achieved many goals on this list! I tried to do this twice, but it didn't work out that well... After two months I just forgot about it and changed most goals, but the idea is great! Maybe I start over again!

  11. Vet leuke dingen! Ik krijg hier zo veel inspiratie door, thanks!


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