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So, I decided to vlog when I went to Amsterdam Fashion Week, but my computer decided to crash while editing the vlog, so I thought I'd to show you the photos I took first. Every photo (except for the one above) are made with my iPhone so the quality isn't awesome but you can get a good impression of the event. First I went to the show Zero by Nanine Linning with costumes by Iris van Herpen. Then I went to the Zalando Blogger awards. I met the people above on the event (Me, Rochelle, Derek, Inge, Claudia, Vintagerie, Alexandra) and Dionne as well, but she had to leave earlier so that's why she's not in this photo. 

I send a snapchat to a couple of my friends before the show. This is the outfit I was wearing :D 

This is the entrance of Amsterdam Fashion Week. A girl came to me and asked if she could take some photos of my outfit and I was okay with it, but I forgot the site she was from so now I'm somewhere on the internet and I have no clue where lol. If you see me, please send me the link!

 You could get your nails done right before the show! O.P.I. had a stand with a couple of people.

So we all took a seat and waited for the show to start! It started with a video and at the entrance of the show was smoke and some really creepy models on the side, but the effect was really cool!

 The show started and it was so different from expected. I thought it would be more like a fashion show, but they were dancing on some epic music. I especially loved the lifts they did with the girls: it almost looked like they were weightless and flying.

After the show we got a goodie bag and went to the Zalando Blogger Awards! The winner of the Jury Award was Linda Tol. The Zalando Newcomer Award was won by We Heart Fashion and the People's Choice Award by Style My Day. They all deserved to win this and I think they will have a lot of fun with their €1200 shopping money on Zalando!

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