London (:

With Easter me and my family did some sightseeing in London and it was totally amazing! I have been in London two times already, but every time I am in a foreign country I'm like amazed. The fact that it's a big city is great cause I love to be around people. My family doesn't really like shopping so we did not really do that, but I still bought some nice things I want to show you guys :) Also, I will show you some cool pictures of this long weekend. I hope you enjoy!

First I would like to show you a few pictures of our trip, then I will continue with a little shoplog.

Of course we couldn't pass the London eye without being in it. We could see whole London. It was amazing!

I love how I took this photo of the Big Ben while two typical London buses were passing by.

And yes, the Tower Bridge of course! It's a pretty big bridge actually. I did not expect that. Of course I expected it to be big, but this big? No. 

OMG, there were shops of the most expensive and good brands like everywhere!

Now I will show you a few pictures of the forever21, my little sister took these when I was in the fitting room.

These are the things I bought.


1. This sign I will hang on my room door. When I go to a very famous shopping street I often buy such a sign to hang on my door. I really like it! 2. I also bought an I love London bracelet and 2 key hangers. Everywhere I come I buy a key hanger. When I am older I hope to have a lot of key hangers. 3. I couldn't resist not buying a phone case for my new iPhone 5. I bought a case to remember London, and a pink keep calm and carry on case. I love them both!


 When our flight was a little bit delayed we passed a bookshop and I just had to buy this Vogue cause I'm addicted to this magazine! I love the pictures, looks, tips and styles in it soooo much!


I had never been to the Forever21 before, and I just HAD to go there. I convinced my parents that this would be the only shop I would go in to and they were okay with it. I dropped my little brother and my father at the Starbucks and me, my mother and sisters went to the Forever21. I wanted to go to this shop for a very long time since I know it's an amazing shop and it's unfortunately not in Holland. Luckily for me they had a massive Forever21 in Oxford street! I bought a few things there.

The first thing I bought at Forever21 was this great denim top. It has lace on the top and adore this shirt! It's so cute and I can't wait till the weather turns out better so I can wear it.

The second thing I run into was this adorable bracelet. Actually it are two bracelets with crosses on the ends. I think this is such a cute detail for almost any outfit.

Another thing I fell in love with is this polka dot shirt. I love the color with the white dots.


I bought this blouse to wear under the polka dot sweater, but this blouse is also perfect for a warm spring day and for the more chic occasions.

I am so so happy with my purchases from Forever21 and I can't wait to wear everything! I really really really hope you liked this post, and see yah next time! Bye! :)

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  1. I love the dot jumper! :)
    London is the perfect city for young ladies, don't you think? :)
    Regando mi cactus

  2. Awesome photos and lovely goodies!

  3. love your purchases! In july I'm going to london as well, can't wait, I love love that city, I seriously NEED to go there every year

  4. nice pics

  5. oh ik ben zo jaloers, ik wil ZO graag naar londen een keertje!

  6. I see you had lots of fun and you brought so much treasures <3

  7. Lovely! I'm visiting London soon, can't wait. :)

  8. i was in London few times - lovely place . I hope i gona go again :)

  9. Heeel jaloers hihi! op de reis en op je nieuwe kleren! xx Nina

  10. Leuk dat je naar London bent geweest, het is echt een geweldige stad!
    De foto's zijn erg leuk en het weer viel ook mee zo te zien.
    Leuke aankopen!

  11. omg!! I love London!!! aaah!
    Great pictures btw! :)
    followed you :D
    xx, Regine


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