4 Spring Outfits

 I'm back with another Spring inspired post, this time showing you 4 optional spring outfits for different styles. The one above is very girly yet casual. Unfortunately I've been ill the last few days. I really hope I will get better soon because I've almost got a test week at school, in which I basically have my final school exams. In May I have my central exams and I can't believe that's it for my high school career haha. Still I'm so pumped about next years studies! In what year are you right now?

I really like these basic colors mixed with a colorful skirt, a chic hat and some choker necklaces. I think white will be a go to color this spring summer season and I can't wait to wear all-white outfits myself as well!

This outfit would be perfect for a night out! I really like the classic style and I love the peplum at the dress and the color combination. 

| Coat | Ring | Jeans | Bag | Top |
This last outfit contains a Burberry bag and coat! I really love their new spring summer 2015 collection, even though I would probably never purchase any clothing item this expensive haha. 

Which of the above shown outfits is your favorite? Tell us in the comments! 

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