Quick Ways To Earn Money

Are you desperately in need of money to book your dream holiday or to go shopping again? Besides spending your money, you should always make sure you also earn the money, right? So today I'm here to help you on ideas that make you quickly earn money so you have your festival ticket in no-time! Curious? That's what I figured ;-)

1. Counting Election Votes
I didn't know this until two months ago, but this is seriously the best mini-job and money maker ever! I'm going to do this soon for the Dutch elections and it pays so well! It's in the evening until approximately mid-night, but it's definitely worth it if you see the money! You need to be 18 years old for this, but it's definitely a little gold mine. They said it would be approximately 4/5 hours work, so I'm in! You have no other regulations as with a normal job. However, random citizens are able to film and correct you while doing your job, which might be kind of awkward..

2. Tutoring
Are you good in a specific subject at school? Tutor someone else in your school who has a weakness for this subject. After a few times you already have some money because it pays well! 

3. Music
Of course not everyone is a hero in every subject, so don't be disappointed. There are other ways to quickly earn money! Music is something which earns relatively much as well if you are young. Are you a good DJ? Definitely go to some clubs and ask if they want to hire you for an evening. A couple of my friends are DJ and it pays really well. Even if you are just doing it for a few hours.

4. Ebay
If you have a talent for making clothes, accessories or basically anything else: Ebay is your hero! You can even haul your supplies there and give them more value by creating adorable items and selling them for more so you gain profits!

5. Talent Scout Yourself
Do you have any other talent than the above mentioned? It doesn't matter what it is, I'm sure you will be able to help someone with it who can pay you! Don't be shy and just walk to that person. If you get noticed, people will eventually come to you and you are your own gold mine! (even though this might take a while though..)

In the end you will still earn the most money if you have a job and you work often and many hours. However, if you really need to secure some money quickly, I hope these tips helped! What's your best easy/quick money-making tip?

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  1. Great tips! I agree on the tutoring and Ebay! That has always helped me out as well as weekend jobs in hospitality. I didn't know about the election jobs, that's good to know, thanks!

  2. Die eerste haha, nooit geweten! Ik ben dan nog geen 18 dus dat gaat voorlopig niet lukken... Wel wil ik eigenlijk een bijbaantje omdat m'n geld veel te snel gaat zo haha. :')
    X Emma


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