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So you don't prefer to call yourself a fashion-extremist, but you want to experiment with different styles and do some nice and different things as well from time to time? Then I will help you on your way in this post! I will give you some awesome (and easy!) ideas which you can apply to your everyday style. They will make you stand out just a little bit from the mainstream style and they are fun! Let's get started :)

If there is something that can make your basic outfits pop, it are accessories. I'm not just talking about a barely visible necklace, but in this case I'm talking about a nice hat or a silver fake tattoo (they are awesome for festivals, just saying). They will immediately make you look stylish, while it's no effort! Of course not every hat looks good with every outfit. Are you still in doubt this hat fits with that outfit? Ask a friend from whom you know she is honest and fashionable! I'm sure he or she would love to give you some style advice!

Black or White
This is probably the easiest tip I will be able to provide you with. Do you have any nice occasion where you want to look stylish? Go for an all white or all black outfit! It always looks classy, feminine and stylish! It's also nice to wear such an outfit with a camel or light pink coat.

Leather Jackets
Put on a leather jacket and you look more stylish. I promise. It truly is a good investment because you will be wearing it very often, it goes with almost everything, it's timeless and easy to style!

My last tip is to look in magazines. Even though these looks are quite extreme, if you narrow them down to what's already in your wardrobe, you will be able to come up with many nice outfits you can wear! 

What is your best styling tips? What do you think of these experimental styling tips? Let me know in the comments!  
- XOXO Anna

*Source of all photos: WeHeartIt

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  1. Awesome pics!


  2. such inspiring post <3

  3. Im total agree with your post
    My best styling tip would be... the personality of yourself when you are walking in the street and you feel " ok, it's alright"
    have a great day!


  4. Goeie tips! Vooral van de accesoires, ben ik het helemaal mee eens.


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