Herra Protect Hair Perfume || REVIEW

Today I will be reviewing a very special hair care product: the Herra Protect Hair Perfume from Herra Hair Care. I was so happy when the founder, James Davis, contacted me if I wanted to test this product! Especially because it was a must have product at New York Fashion Week. In this post I will tell you everything about this product and what I thought of it: enjoy!

As soon as I mailed my address they send it to me and I had my hands on this perfect bottle within a day. Their team is very kind and they work really hard to guarantee all the best for their customers. I got a beautiful black box delivered with the hair perfume inside. Also I got a little bag (how cute!) with it and some press information. In the box were some black confetti sprinkles. It is like a party to receive! 

Perfumes are made of scent notes. The Herra Hair Perfume contains the most important notes which almost everyone likes. The keynotes for this perfume are Italian bergamot, loquat fruit, midnight orchid, rose, white jasmine, mimosa, heliotrope, lily, vanilla, tonka bean, sandalwood and musk. To be honest, I don't know how everything smells, but I can tell you can clearly smell the vanilla. After you spray on the perfume, you will smell it all day long. This is because your hair is a better perfume bearer than your skin. Also when you go out to a disco or something, the morning after your hair stinks. At least mine does. I smell smoke and everything bad. I sprayed on a few sprays of this hair perfume and I was ready to go.

Everything is like a party. The Herra HC website looks amazing just as their products! The Herra Hair Perfume is not just a perfume, it also takes care of your hair. Sunflower extract protects the structure of the hair. It protects against color fade, UV and pollution. Because of this, it will make your hair less likely to become fat. Next to this, it moisturizes your hair without making your hair heavy. This way you can style your hair anyway you would like and spray the perfume on top of it in the end. It is like a shield for your hair, a shield with an amazing smell.

I got a nice paper which explained everything about the perfume and showed some of the media they have been in. More and more people are talking about this product. I must say that I understand all of it, it truly is an amazing product. Of course you can also use this product as a normal perfume instead of your other perfume, but this is not highly necessary. The structure of the perfume makes it possible to adjust itself to another perfume you are wearing. This will guarantee it never clashes with, for example, your Dior or Juicy Couture perfume.  

Finally the size of the bottle (50ML) makes sure you can bring this amazing product with you all day long. Spray the hair perfume on your hair and repeat every 2-3 hours for a maximum protection. 

- Doesn't make your hair heavy.
- Moisturizes your hair.
- It smells heavenly good.
- Protects your hair against UV rays.
- Keeps your hair color in your hair for a longer time.

- I can't really think of a disadvantage. It smells great, takes care of your hair and is affordable. What do you want more?

Paris Hilton backstage at Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week together with Caroline from the Herra team. The product has been used in a lot of fashion weeks already and magazines write about it like it's a life safer. And it is! I love it and when my bottle is empty, I will definitely consider buying a new one!


James Davis, founder of Herra HC explains their concept briefly in this video. I think the concept is great and very innovative. Everyone is focusing on the basic hair care products like shampoo and conditioner and they are doing something completely new!

What do you think of their concept? Did you ever hear about this product before?

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  1. Die lijkt me fijn! Ik ben benieuwd hoe hij ruikt :)


  2. wow! super cool :)

    - A.

  3. Lijkt me een fijn product, het ziet er in ieder geval al mooi uit! Liefs!

  4. Wat super leuk zeg! De verpakking ziet er al helemaal mooi uit, haha! :) En dan klinkt het product ook nog eens heel goed!! X

  5. Ik had het al gezien bij John Beerens en ziet er super goed uit.

  6. This is such a great idea, love it! Thanks for stopping by hun!

  7. Ik gebruik dat nooit en kende het merk ook niet maar klinkt wel fijn! Ziet er goed uit :D

  8. Fabulous packaging ! This perfume is very chic, I want to discover this fragance :)


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