Hi guys! Today I have some very exciting news! I am nominated as look of the month for the CosmoGirl magazine! If I win, I will get a full page in their magazine! As you might understand, I would consider it a dream come true if we could make this happen. So please vote for me! I need your vote as you can see. I'm the second look. If I make it to the magazine, there will be a really nice give away on my blog! It would mean the world to me if you could vote for me :) We can make this happen together!

To vote, just click the link below. On the right hand side you can sign in with Facebook. Then you will see in the upper right corner a grey square (like you can see in the picture above in this post). I'm the 2nd week! If you don't have Facebook, but would like to vote for me, you can click 'maak nu een account aan'. You can create your account and still vote. 

VOTE HERE. I'm the second look.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Ik heb op je gestemd Anne! :D

  2. Voted, good luck Anne!


  3. I'd love to vote for you but I don't realy understand the website since it is in an other laguage...Do you need to have an account or something please let me know ?

    1. Hi! When you click the link in my post, on the right hand side you can sign in with Facebook. Then you can see in the upper right corner a grey square. If you click the button next to my name (Anne Koolen) and vote you voted for me! :) Let me know if this helps. Thank you so much for your efforts! Xx

  4. Wat gaaf dat je een hele pagina kan winnen in de CosmoGirl Ik heb ook gelijk op je gestemd.


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