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Yesterday I went to another great event at the John Beerens Webshop. This time it was the take off of the new brand PIMP. It's an abbreviation of Pretty Is My Problem. The event was really nice and they told us a lot about the different hair care lines and even shared some parts of their future plans. It was really nice to speak to such enthusiastic and passionate people. Today, I will share everything with you!

Mrs Pimp and Mr. Pimp (a former sales person) wanted to make a fairy tale. When they went to Miami they got tons of inspiration from concept stores. 'It would be so much more fun for the consumers to shop for hair care products and clothes in the same store.' They traveled to more cities like Capri and Ibiza and saw the happiness and freedom. They saw the opportunity for growth of many nice things. In the end they went to Amsterdam. With the slogan 'What you wear starts with your hair.' you can explain their entire concept. They would love to sell their products in the better hair salons but also in clothing shops like Men At Work. I really like this idea because I love both my hair and outfits. Also it's a very fresh and original idea! 

When we arrived we got a delicious cupcake and some green tea.We (me and Kirsten) were quite early because of the train but everybody was nice. They told us about their plans for growth and what their concept is about. I love to hear new ideas!

After introducing ourselves and hearing about PIMP we got the opportunity to get a photograph from their very own photographer. We were in a group of 8 people and most people I had already seen once so it was very cozy. 

PIMP Amsterdam has five lines. They are all made for typical hair types. In the end we all got 3 products with us to test. I got the curls line because, as you might already know, I have curls. They are often pretty hard to handle so I really hope this line will help me improving my hair.

The curls line consists of 3 products: a shampoo, conditioner and cream.  They promise to give your curls a natural glow and texture. Mrs. Pimp said she used the products every day and her curls were really nice. I hope it will give the same effect to my hair! An advantage is the scent of the products. Even though I think the conditioner smells too much like candy, most of their products have a nice scent. Personally, I like the cream of this line the most because it's fresh with a sweet undertone.

I really like the names of the lines. They are so creative and nice! I really remember their products by it and they are more fun to use as well. The daily line is a line with a shampoo, conditioner and mask. This line is for every hair type and it promises to make your hair soft and give it a nice glow without making it heavy. Also it provides your hair with proteins which is really good for your hair. 

The Style line consists of a nice beach salt spray and a serum. A beach hair spray is always useful! You can give your hair a lot of texture with it. Put the serum on top of it and the frizz disappears. Your straight hair will get an extra glow and it reduces the frizz in curls which makes them look much softer. If I didn't had curls, I would have chosen these products because I'm in love with my current beach spray and use it really often to create more texture. Also an anti frizz serum will always be useful.

The Volume line promises to 'rescue' flat and pithless hair. When I went back by train I could smell the scent of this line from Kirsten and I fell in love with it. I really really love the smell! This line contains a shampoo, conditioner and a spray and they will give your hair tons of volume! If you have curls, straight or wavy hair. I think you can never have too much volume!

The last line is the finish line consisting of a clay, wax and shaper. They give your hair a lot of texture without making it fat or greasy. Personally, I believe this is more something for the boys or women with short hair. I wouldn't use the clay probably, nor the wax, but the shaper might be in my hands. It gives your hair an all round shape and a medium glow. If you want big hair without looking greasy: this is yours!

Right now John Beerens is the only, exclusive place where you can buy the PIMP products. They are not really cheap, €19,95. In a couple of weeks I will place the review about the curls line. So, stay tuned.

I really liked the event and I am always curious at new products. Thanks to John Beerens I could visit this event and I am really thankful for it. It brings us, bloggers, together and I always learn a lot. Their team is really kind and helpful, they are always there to help you! If any of my dutch readers would like to be a part of the John Beerens community as well and be invited to such amazing events. Feel free to contact them visiting this link. Just take a shot! You have a no, you could get a yes!

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  1. Amazingly awesome opportunity!! I'm so jealous right now!!
    I'd love to get my hands on some of their products. Sadly I can't take part and will stay with a no, as I live in the states. :/ It's too cool you got to get photographed and everything - wow!
    But I'm definitely looking into the beach spray and serum. c:
    Thanks a bunch for sharing!!


  2. Great post :*


  3. Mooi verslag heb je er van gemaakt meid! En leuk om je te zien

  4. Wat een mooi uitgebreid verslag van de bloggersdag. En ook nog in Engels: stoer!

  5. Wat gaaf zeg! T merk ziet er ook goed uit!
    Liefs Nora / 1310bynora.com

  6. Heel erg leuk verslag om te lezen! Ik ben ook wel heel benieuwd naar de producten, want ze lijken mij erg fijn en zien er ook goed uit.

  7. Che prodotti fantastici!!!!! Non vedo l'ora di provarli!!!

    New Post-> http://www.modidimoda-mapi.blogspot.it/2014/01/happy-new-year.html

  8. Leuke post hoor! Ik ben erg benieuwd naar de producten.

  9. Hi, leuk verslag en ook nog eens in het engels! Ik was bij de laatste sessie van dit toffe nieuwe merk, dus heb je helaas niet gezien.

    1. Bedankt! Jammer dat ik je niet gezien heb :( Misschien de volgende keer! Xx

  10. Leuk verslag om te lezen en ik ben benieuwd naar dit nieuwe merk :)

  11. Dat zag er een tof event uit. Het merk lijkt me lekker edgy en stoer :-)

  12. ziet eruit als een leuk event. ik vind de verpakkingen van de producten van pimp erg mooi xx

  13. Ik had al veel over het event gelezen, het ziet er echt heel tof uit!

  14. het was een super leuk event! Ik was er zelf ook in groep 1 en ik heb de krullenlijn mee naar huis gekregen! Heel leuk verslagje :D

  15. Klinkt heel erg leuk :D


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