How to start the year healthy

Everybody has a lot of new year resolutions, including me, but that doesn't guarantee us to stick to them. The resolution which we probably hear the most is to eat healthier. It's very hard, if you eat a lot, to loose weight by suddenly eating half of what you ate before. That's why I will give you a couple of tips which will be very useful. Especially if you want to stick to this resolution the entire year. By just changing a few little things instead of fundamentally changing up your eating habits, you have a better chance of sticking to them.

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The first tip is actually not what you expect, but very useful. Try to drink only water and tea. Water cleans your entire body from the inside and tea just adds a little taste to the 'plain' water taste. Of course, if you want this to work out well, you should drink your tea without any sugar. Tea without sugar actually tastes really good if you get used to it. By cutting out drinks like Coca Cola, Fanta and even lemonade, you will live much healthier.

The second tip: stick to your meals! Don't get used to eat every evening a lot of food. If you get hungry throughout the day: find a snack that's healthier! Get, for example, little tomatoes, rice cakes, some nuts or even a cup a soup would be better than eating chips and candy. Also, it's better to eat enough at your meals, than to eat less to lose weight, in order to start eating candy in between your meals. If you get really hungry in between meals, you can make your own smoothies! Make them of fruits only: you won't feel an empty stomach for sure and it's delicious!

Don't treat yourself too often. Some people are so happy with their diets and will treat themselves with candy. This is a big NO! Just don't do it! Create rules for yourself. It's not really bad to eat a few unhealthy things on a party, but try to stay moderate. Also, for me it's easier to not to eat any candy at all than to eat a little amount. Once I tasted it, I want more. If I don't taste it, I can easier stay away from it.

When you are giving a party, get yourself some salt popcorn. You know the bags which can go in the microwave and the corn just pops? This is much healthier than other snacks and I love it so much! It's just corn with salt, that's all!

Another thing which might help you to stay motivated, is to think about summer. We all want to feel confident in our bikini and having a nice body helps us with it. Of course we all know this also has to do with sports, but when you eat healthy, you will see it on your body. Also, you will get less breakouts and less chance to get ill. It's worth it!

These are just a few changes in life, which will make your diet easier and useful! I hope this was helpful. What is your golden tip? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Fijn artikel! Een goed begin van het jaar kan nooit kwaad.

  2. Fijne tips, ik merk dat als ik regelmatig eet dat dat ook al helpt =D! + I love smoothies!

  3. Leuk artikel ben er ook druk mee bezig! heb er vandaag een artikel over geplaatst! thanks voor de tips!

    Liefs Nora /

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  5. Leuk om te lezen, je geeft fijne tips!

  6. Very useful advices ;) I want to loose weight in this year but I know is very hard process. I must change my thinking about food ;) good luck!

  7. Top! Deze motivatie is precies wat ik nodig heb

  8. Thank you for the tips :D

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  10. I dear!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog :)
    I think its really important to live healthy and I am happy that I somehow find it quite easy to do so. I just love good food and lots of fresh veggies :)
    Enjoy your weekend!


  11. Nice pictures, I've started to eath healthy too.. :)

  12. Ohh the smoothie looks so good! These are some excellent tips, thanks!

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  14. I've managed to lose a stone recently and I think my secret is drinking green tea, water and snacking on nuts! :)

    Tara x

  15. Leuk artikel!
    Ik ga proberen dit jaar ook wat gezonder te eten, aangezien ik nu echt een enorme vreetzak ben haha.

  16. Ik heb wel vaak dat gezonde snacks meer moeite kosten om te pakken dan ongezonde. Een koekje pakken is makkelijker dan een peer schillen. Maar goed, we komen er wel.

  17. Hello, I love your blog - have you got any good recipes for smoothies :)


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