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As you could read in my last post, I have been to the PIMP Amsterdam event at John Beerens. John wanted to take the opportunity to tell us all the latest news on their webshop. Believe me: lots of good changes are coming! They will be releasing an entirely new website and you will be able to see it in this post before anyone else does! Furthermore, new, exclusive brands will be coming to the John Beerens webshop. Click read more to see it all!

So, this is the amazing new homepage design. I love it. Honestly. It's much better than the old design, which is, in my opinion, pretty crowded. In the new design everything will be easy to find and it will look very clear and stylish. Also they will try to guide you better through their site. People with straight hair won't see advertisements for curly hair anymore! 

This is the product page. I think they designed the page really smart and it's easy to order: no more searching for the order button! This is what this product page looks like right now. 

A new brand I'm so excited for is British Hair! Great Britain is a leading country in the world when it comes down to hair styling. I understand John's feelings for this brand totally. The designs are very modern and you can play around with the designs to test.

Nice fact: John Beerens is the owner of this brand for the Benelux! 

We were the first ones to see it in our country! Lucky us! 

The website of the brand is amazing. I just need to tell you that. The design is perfect and they even show the entire history of hair styles: so cool! 

Another new introductory brand is Greenland. I got a body butter and a sample size shower gel to try out at home. I can't wait to tell you all about it! John Beerens aim for 2014 is getting 52 more brands in their shop. I think it's really good for a webshop to get a lot of brands and products because you will be so much easier to find in the search engines! Also when you have exclusive brands, you will be easy to find. Double catchinggg! 

This brand is not yet available in their webshop, but I already am in love with it. It's an adorable scented spray you can spray in your hair. It makes your hair smell good, it takes care of your hair and it doesn't clash with the perfume you are wearing. The fragrance is made of key notes who adjust themselves to the other perfume you put on. The scent itself is amazing! It smells a little bit like vanilla but in a feminine way. Your hair will smell good all day! 

The packaging is very chic, I love how it looks! I would definitely buy this when I see it somewhere because I smelled the scent all day. You can but it on your wrists as a perfume, but also in your hair to take care of your hair and make it smell nice. I adore it!

Thanks John Beerens for your hospitality and providing us with all this exclusive news about your webshop. I am happy to blog for you.

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  1. Heel erg gaaf!! En ben heel erg benieuwd naar dat britse merk

  2. Ooh interessant. Greenland klinkt wel veelbelovend.

  3. Klinkt erg goed, ben benieuwd!

  4. Het was super leerzaam en zo leuk om daarbij te kunnen zijn :D

  5. He meis je had op mn blog gevraagd of je de TAG kon overnemen. Ik vind dit geen enkel probleem hoor. Wel zou ik het lief vinden als uje een verwijzing naar mijn blog maakt :D

  6. Wat ontzettend leuk om daarbij te zijn! Ik vind de webshop er heel mooi uit zien :) xo

  7. Leuk verslag heb je geschreven, het was een leuke dag. Ik heb het verslag gister ervan online gegooid met een leuke video erbij. Daar kom jij ook in voor, moet je maar even kijken.
    Liefs, xxx

  8. Leuk verslag, ziet er goed uit allemaal!

    ♥ Saskia

  9. wow, dat ziet er super uit en klinkt ook goed! :D de verpakking van de parfum is idd chic en uitnodigend om te kopen,


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