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So, I wanted to order a beauty box for some time now and I wasn't sure which one I should take. But when I found out about the VIP box, I was very curious. The nice part about this box is that you can order your first box for €5,- instead of  €10,-. So why not try it out? And so I did. This is my first box! I was really happy to receive such nice products. It feels like they combine different things together so you will be able to create a look with all the things in the box. It contained a mask, bronzer, matte face powder, blush brush, lip balm and palette with a concealer, highlighter and brow trio. Want to know my opinion on this box? Click read more!

I was very happy to find this brush inside. It's exactly like the one I was looking for. It's soft and looks very chic. The shape will allow you to apply the product very secure and it's from DaVinci Cosmetics. The regular price is €25.50, so it's already worth five times my €5,-.

There was actually just one thing that didn't really cheer me up. It's this lip balm. It might protect and moisture my lips, but I don't like the ginger. It smells like ginger while I absolutely don't like the smell (maybe because I don't like to eat it either..). It's quit an overwhelming smell, which is usually no big deal for me, but if I don't like the smell, it gets different..

There was also a nice relaxing and smoothing mask from Dr. Van Der Hoog. I always like the masks of this brand so it's never bad to receive one of them. After you get of all your makeup in the evening you can wear it and your face is all chilled out again ;-)

Then let's go to Jelly Pong Pong. I got the 'Wide Awake' palette and it says it's a set of skin-enhancing colour tools to brighten & illuminate complexions'. It contains a concealer, highlighter and eyebrow trio. Also it has a brush inside, I think it's just for the eyebrow trio because it's so small. I am very pleased with this palette. It looks very girly and when I quickly tried out the concealer it did it's job quit well.

Another product is the beauty uk bronzer. It contains a lot of shimmer and blends in with your skin well enough to guarantee a subtle, natural glow. Finally the complete base flawless matte face powder from Miners. Perfect to reduce the shine on your face for a photo shoot with your friends or to just make your face look extra flawless.

I was pleasantly surprised when I received this box. I will definitely continue my subscription. It seems like the research was worth it. I got some very nice goodies and I like the 'gift' idea of not knowing what you will get. I am also happy to be able to discover new products I have never heard of before with this box. For more info on this box you can go to the VIP box website.*

This was my first VIP box. I would love to know if you would like me to do a little unboxing video/post of this box every month. Also, if you have any more questions or review requests, I would love to answer them. 

Are you subscribed to any kind of beauty box? What box and do you like it?

*Disclaimer: NOT a sponsored post.

9 opmerkingen:

  1. That great you got a lot of things for a good price. The colors of the eyeshadows look great to.

    ik heb precies hetzelfde en vond hem echt goed, zeker voor 5 euro voor de eerste box!

    PS:(quit=quite ;P)
    Kusjes Lies

    1. Heeeeey lies! Wat leuk dat je mijn blog bekijkt :D leuk leuk !! En bedankt haha xxx

  3. Fijn dat de inhoud jou wel beviel! Ik heb de box ook gekregen en vond hem een beetje tegenvallen ;)

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