My love for Burkely

When you have read this post, you know I have been to the John Beerens bloggers event. It was totally amazing as you might understand. We also got to see a preview of the new collection from Burkely. Some of these bags will be in the shops very soon and others will not be in the shops, so this is very exclusive! Click read more to see their showroom.

We were welcomed with some champagne and got a little introduction of what we were going to see. I think Burkely is a very chic brand, but the bags are very affordable! The bags in the first picture, for example, where only 139 euros. This sounds a lot, but considering the fact that they are made of real leather, their amazing quality and design, this is not too much for such a bag. 

Burkely really focuses on producing bags which are affordable and of a very high quality. Dutchies, did you know they also make specific wallet collections for HEMA? I always love their wallets! 

Burkely's collection is build in a specific way. They have bags developed for young ladies, teens, grown ups and older people. All these bags are first going to be rated by experts and consumers. Finally, they will be selling their top list of bags. 

Our 'guide' was able to answer all our questions and he was a very nice guy with a lot of knowledge. I always think it's important that sellers know where they are talking about. It creates a feeling of trust and feels more sincere. This bag was made of multiple layers, as you can see. It creates a really nice 3D effect on the bag itself.

These bags are developed for men, but he told us many women like those bags as well. I do. They look a little bit like the cowboy bags, but got a different twist on them. Also, they are cheaper. This way your money really gets paid off. 

This bag was developed in a very special way and I love the details on all the Burkely bags. They are all unique and got something different than other bags. I adore Burkely's originality, passion and bags!

When we left, we were lucky because we got a very nice key ring made of real leather. The little silk bag with the pearls looks adorable as well!

I am very thankful for Burkely and for letting us take a look in this showroom. It really feels special to see something nobody has seen yet.

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