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A couple of days ago I received an adorable package from BornPretty. It contained these three makeup products and I must say, I was surprised by the quality. These items all together were in total below $10 and the packaging looks really chic, it was delivered in a nice box and I just love how these products look!

The first item I got is this sheer lip color. It looks bright pink and feels as if it makes my lips softer. I think it is from the brand balala and I got the color 07 juice fruit. 

I also chose this eyeshadow palette because it was really cheap and I love the colors. Normally I mainly wear basic eyeshadow colors, but now I can't wait to experiment with these pretty colorful tints! They also contain a little bit of shimmer and there is a brush, as well as a mirror, inside. 

The last product I chose was this makeup brush. I think I will be using this mainly for blush because I feel like you can create a nice and subtle look with this. Also you can close the brush by pulling the golden part up. This is a good way to make your brush last long because the hairs are kept together. The hairs seem to be a little bit purple, which is really cool. Also I did a little test and the hairs seem to not go loose very easily: so it will last long!

I'm very satisfied with the quality of these products and I love that they look very unique and colorful. They also have many other cute makeup products. They already cheer me up by just looking at them! I am definitely keeping this site in mind when I will need another set of makeup products, for an affordable price!

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