Winter Haul By Britt

Hello! The weather is cold, it looks cold, everything. Is. Cold. How so ever, there is NO snow yet. Where are you :O? Well, I hope you’re having a nice (last) week, because it’s almost vacation. Today I’m going to show you some things I bought for the winter time. It’s kind of a collective haul and they’re things that, I think, everyone should buy and wear at these cozy times. 

You. Need. Sweaters. And I prefer the big and cozy ones. I have bought a lot of sweaters for the winter time. They're mostly what I wear almost all of the time.  I will show them right now.

This kind of shirts I recently discovered. I knew they were there, but I never wore them and that's such a shame! They're sooooo cute. They are also very comfy looking and they fit perfectly. I love mine and I would love to buy them in more colors.

In the winter time, there are also party days. Like, christmas and  new year's eve. For that, I've bought a really nice and BEAUTIFUL t-shirt. I love, love, love it!

Ponchos are really cute and very easy to combine. I love the fitting and I live in them. They're also kind of a blanket to me ;)

Beanies, they're just beanies. Everyone should own a pair of beanies.

Uggs. Some love them, some don't. Well I do, but I only wear them on chill days and they're so winter-ish(is that even a word). Uggs were high on my wishlist this year.

I was searching SO hard for a winter coat. I wanted one that is cozy and beautiful. Well, I found one. I really like that it's a parka. I had one, but that one is green and wasn't that cozy. I'm really happy with mine.

Last but not least, scarves. Lately I'm obsessed with big, chunky scarves. And I found two perfect ones. I wear them everyday and I totally love them!

This was my winter haul, see you next time!

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  1. Leuke haul! Mooie items ook allemaal, vooral de sweater vind ik erg gaaf!


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